Wednesday, November 30, 2011


showtime's HOMELAND is...
a great show... a really great show...a really great show about terrorists...

in fact, its a really great show about terrorists where you don't know know if the 'bad guy' is bad or an american hero and you don't know if the 'good guys' are doing the right thing or the things necessary to stop said bad guy and you don't know if you feel more sympathetic towards america or iraq.

This is no 24, folks. Season one isn't over yet, but they've led me to believe the end won't be a neatly tied up package of a pristine america against a terrorist threat - and for the first show I've seen to break this mold, I couldn't be more captivated!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

a happier halloween?

While passing out candy this monday we had several cold, wet, tired parents tell us wistfully they used to just sit on the porch, joyfully handing out candy. Now they're dragging a princess and a ninja from house to house repeating "did you say thank you?'
(to be fair, we may have been contributing to the envy because as we listened to them, we sipped from a warm thermos of 'adult apple cider'.)

One particularly chatty couple told use they used to make jello shots for parents to make the whole experience more palatable.

My idealistic mind is saying: when I'm forced to take a little one door to door, I'll be so full of love and adoration there will be no room for cynicism... or whiskey.

smile for mommy!

Until then, I hear you parents. I see your jello shots and I raise you one. Because right now we are childless and classy and our craft projects all involve alcohol.

(and to find out how to make fruit peel jello shots, go to this website and call 'NotMartha' a genius)