Friday, October 28, 2011

eating to live

I'm a vegetarian.

It's about two years and I'm really happy with it. I don't drool over steaks anymore and I honestly want to have this all the time...

To be fair, what falls under my umbrella of 'vegetarian' is often shifting, so I'll outline what it means for me right now...
1. I don't eat meat
2. I do eat meat infused/meat soaked foods (i pick the pieces out of stew and scoop my marinara by expertly dodging meatballs)
3. I do eat fish. sometimes. in restaurants. (some would say "ah ha then you're a pescatarian" but I think the term is pretentious sounding, like "fiance" or people who call out vegetarians as pescatarians)
4. I do not think like a vegetarian when I've been drinking ("honey can you go get me some beef jerky? no no i don't want it. actually yes, can we get it? no. just one stick.")
5. I am not a vegetarian in New Orleans

I won't go into all the arguments behind my decision, but I will recommend a few things that helped me to form this way of life...

1. "Eating Animals" by Jonathan Safran Foer. This book explains the process behind factory farming and how animals are treated.

2. "Forks over Knives" a documentary that explains the benefits of whole food plant based diets
(which is currently on instant streaming on Netflix. AND it will change your life... just ask Ozzie)

he gets the title wrong but we would be surprised if he didn't right?

3. My doctors who encouraged me to eat non-processed foods (which isn't anti-meat but it has contributed greatly to my view of food)

4. I feel better when I don't eat meat. Maybe because it's been out of my system for so long, I don't know, but when I try to go back I get sick.

So now that I realized that it's not depriving or difficult to not eat meat,  I'm trying to figure out if I want to cut out (or at least cut back on) dairy. But vegan seems just so intimidating. Not to mention my favorite food in all the universe is cheese....

what to do?


If you like to run and you wear underware - this is for you

Oiselle Running Apparel just came out with these and I love them! 

You can't custom your pack to have more rest days - I already checked. 

But if the term Fartlek makes you giggle, now you can put it on your butt! (and selectively moon people that have the same middle school sense of humor as you)

Thursday, October 27, 2011


As October comes to an end, so do the Breast Cancer Awareness Advertisements. With a small window remaining to acceptably say words like 'breast' and 'female empowerment' - I'd like to take this opportunity to reflect on the ladies in our society (this goes just a bit beyond NFL accessories.)

I read two seemingly unrelated books this month, and found my self getting an education on a woman's role in history. The most refreshing aspect of these novels - they don't scream feminism and they don't lament inequalities. In reading their stories, I can see how they left a huge imprint on their time. And while it's not explicitly stated, I can hold their lives up as a mirror for our time to see how things are very little has changed. At the risk of this turning into a rant, I'll just say: I like the books because they simply tell the story of women who are far more complex than the labels society gave them. 

Because ultimately, none of us are completely the harlot...

 and none of us are entirely the saint

now go read. and get a mammogram.
Happy October!

Lockin' it Down

I hate get political but... can we talk about the NBA lock out?
Can we talk about all the people left in the lurch?

1. the FANS

What if we don't get pick up where we left off - with great basketball.
What if your team was poised for a banner year?

Everyone that feels your team will be hurt the most by missing this season raise your hand.


(seriously though, it's my team that would have taken it all, given the chance. just look at our fearless young leader. try not to get chills from his crossover)

2. the PLAYERS

What if they don't get paid?
What if the next season of MTV Cribs has no basketball players because they can't afford a segue for their hallway?

see kids, this is blurry because this is Shaq moving fast
(don't worry, you won't see it again)

3. the OWNERS

What if they can't agree?
What if the south east wing of Mark's house gets shut down?


What if.... wait endorsements? really? who cares!

See we don't worry at all about the advertisers and yet, they are the only ones going on their merry way. They are the only ones managing to lock it down in this lock out. They are masterfully selling us the idea that it's only about the game. And while I doubt the sincerity of their campaign, I certainly can't help but get wrapped up in it all. That pristine idea they're selling - I'm buyin it.

And remember folks, this is NOT their first time at the rodeo.

if we made it through 1998 we can make it through 2011

so the lesson here is to pretend it's not all about the money while people making money off people with lots of money continue to fight about money. got it?

Established-ly Weds

I'm wondering at what point you are no longer considered "NEWLYWEDS"

Is it no less than 3 months, as Cosmo suggested in 1918?

Is it one year?

Or is it about 15 months in, when your husband cuddles up to you in bed and nuzzles into the curve of your neck as breathing slows, just before sleep...

and you turn and say to him - "Baby, you need to back up. If you breath on me like that I'll get backne."


I'd love to hear your thoughts on the expiration of the term