Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer Movie League: TEAM ORBIN

Last night we drafted our teams for the Block-Buster-Fantasy-Summer-League or something like that.

We were for real. At least, excel documents made it feel that way.

My initial drafting strategy included watching trailers on hulu and thinking "what the?!? has our country come to?" or "huh. I'd rent that." or "YES!! MARVEL MOVIE! YES!!!"
*note: watching trailers is something I do for fun, not just for research. And I do it all the time. It is like my lalapalooza of cinema. You put in two and a half minutes, catch up on some actors, get most of the plot and move on. I never have to see a Katherine Heigl movie again and I couldn't love it more.

Then I googled the top grossing movies of each of the last ten years. It totally changed my strategy. Did you know Americans are bat sh*t crazy?

Did you know that in 2011 the disappointing sequel... "The Hangover Part II" was number 4 (yes even after everyone spread the word that it was not funny it still made $254,464,305) and yet these ocsar nominated films didn't break the top 100 - "Tinker, Tailer, Soldier, Spy", "My Week With Marilyn", and "The Tree of Life"

Let me put it this way - in 2011, the "Cowboys and Aliens", "We Bought a Zoo" and "Jack and Jill" were all in the top 50 grossing movies!

In the last ten years the big hitters were comic book action movies, movies based off of huge selling novels, and kids movies. Just behind that are sequels. My new drafting mantra became "Two And A Half Men is the Number 1 Show In America." And with that mindset, I made picks. (I also factored in release dates and how they were related to other movies.)

Neil didn't study like his crazy competitive enthusiastic wife so he joined up with me to make "Team Orbin". We had some people who dropped out - so we added two more at the last minute and they really held their own considering that they had less then 24 hours notice.  Thus the 6 of us gathered...

5 teams drafted, 7 movies per team
We went 2nd

(you can click on each movie to watch the trailer)
The Avengers - May 4th
Thats My Boy - June 15th
Paranorman - Aug 17th
Sparkle - Aug 17th
Piranha 3DD - June 1st

So feel free to go see all of these in their first two weeks of domestic release! (and I know a lot of these are pretty terrible ... refer again to my mantra above... and you're welcome, we didn't go with Madea's Witness Protection)

Neil gave me a lot of crap for picking Sparkle but I stand by that choice. American Idol Star. Cee Lo Green. and Whitney Houston singing "His Eye is On the Sparrow" - it's "Dream Girls" 2.0 WITH a deceased cast member. Unfortunately it comes out at the end of August and I will have to endure a sparkling of jokes about the pick for four months.

After we had our teams, my cousin revealed his big secret: In the summer, R Rated movies don't do well. He said with school out its all about the teenagers. Those pesky teens buy tickets to PG-13 then sneak into the R theaters. Which makes movies like "Jack and Jill" look really good on paper. 

Hot Dang, the R's are half our list. (and we were *this* close to going with "Rock of Ages" over "That's My Boy" because of the R rating.) 

I hate drafters remorse.

Looks like its all on Sparkle now.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

HAPPY WEEKEND! hope its green and arborous

Technically it was yesterday, but I think it should be permissible to take several days to hug a tree.

soooo... how are you all celebrating the holiday weekend?

I'm dog sitting, which means very soon I will take him to pee on some neighborhood trunks.
Then I'm going to go for a run on wooded trails this afternoon.
Tomorrow a bike ride.
I also plan on breathing throughout the weekend.
Clearly, there is a lot of foliage well deserving of my gratitude (with an e-card. paper thank you's would be especially cruel)

It seems silly to ask "do you have a favorite tree", but do you?
I always loved weeping willows but that seems like a typical choice.
Next weekend we get to go to Providence, Rhode Island during Cherry Blossom time. I have to say, that is a tree well deserving of a festival.
And I feel it would be an Arbor Day miracle if we ever got to see the majestic Redwoods in California. We almost made that our honeymoon.

Maybe its better I stop talking about trees and we just sit a moment and gaze at them
(they are so beautiful aren't they?)
Here are five trees I've taken pictures of that I wanted to share, in no particular order:

This was in the Serengeti, I was told that its presence signifies that water is nearby

At the Grand Canyon. I love that this one found a way to grow out of stone.

This one sits at the edge of my Aunt's cottage on the Long Island Sound. 
It might be my favorite place on earth.

A huge tree uprooted by hurricane Katrina. 
There was so much debris and destruction, but still so much natural beauty.  

I didn't actually take this picture - my talented friend Laura did. 
But I included it because it was under this tree I made a vow, so I'm rather partial to its branches

Friday, April 27, 2012

Books and Social Awkwardness

I just finished one book and I'm half-way through another and I can't get either of them out of my mind.

Have you ever had a book really stick with you? Has it played in your head in that certain way where all you want to do is talk about it? Except you when you begin to talk about it, you just get frustrated because the other person can't understand - they haven't read it.

I'm dealing with back to back books like that.

And here's the kicker - both topics are big NO-NOs for casual social conversation:
Nazis and Presidential Assassinations

All I want to do is talk about them and all I meet are road blocks. There's no natural segues into these conversations...

Neil, watching the NFL draft: "Poor Richardson, doesn't know what he's getting into going to the Browns"
Me, hoping for an opening: "You know who else didn't know what he was getting into - Ambassador Dodd - when he was sent to Berlin in 1932, right before Hitler rose to power."
Me, again, clearly not reading the room: "Sorry, you probably don't want to talk about that right now. But real quick. Did you know that the saloon where John Wilkes Booth plotted to kill Lincoln is now a Chinese restaurant called Wok & Roll? You can drink bubble tea in a booth where they conspired."

So PLEASE help me. I can't join normal parts of society right now. Instead, our only option is for someone to read one/both of these and then talk to me in a little strange societal pocket on the side.

by Erik Larson

by Sarah Vowell

hurry. go. read. help!

Stand up! Do your Job! Stop breaking the hearts of small children!

Did anyone catch the thrilling fizzled out, pointless Heat vs Celtics game on Tuesday night?

No? Well you missed this.

Part of the star trio for the Heat - Lebron James and Chris Bosh, really giving it their all. (Not pictured is Dwyane Wade, also benched for the game).

The Miami Heat weren't the only ones to sit their top players. The Celtics shelved Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett. (note: Garnett has had some injury. I'll allow. And Paul Pierce played. What a stud. Maybe his motive was to surpass Larry Bird... but if anyone has a reason to rest his legs it's that guy and he went on. Pierce also has a history of  getting stabbed a bunch and shrugging it off, so I won't question his commitment on a public forum.)

My husband said this practice of pre-play-off benching was discussed on Mike and Mike the next day, but I know it couldn't have possibly been talked about with the ire that burns in my soul - so I'm bringing it up again. (if you disagree, we can go battlerounds in the comments)

This rude practice isn't new to James. In 2010, Neil and I spent $75 a pop for the opportunity to see a "superstar" play. It was Cavs vs Magic and it was Fan Appreciation Day. The Cavaliers were locked in for their play-off spot but did I stress yet that it was Fan Appreciation Day?!? On the bench - wearing stupid suits and dress shoes - were Shaq, Mo Williams, and Lebron James. I felt very under appreciated. 

This is blurry, but you can see Shaq in the bottom left,
Lebron, Mr. Beige, in the center,
and I'm tearfully seated behind the camera

Maybe I don't need to rehash the events that conspired in the 2010 playoffs. The confident Cavaliers fell apart. You could actually watch Lebron crumble under the pressure of carrying a team... I'm sorry I should say 'team', because his supporting cast was non-existent. You could actually see him wearily fall apart. This was before the fated "Decision," yet I could have told you when they sat him that Fan Appreciation Day, the road ahead was bleak...

I know that the NBA is not college ball. It is centered around superstars, that's how tickets are sold. BUT play-offs are different. No way the Lakers could be wearing a ring if it weren't for the people that surrounded Kobe and played like a team when it was needed. And there's no way the team would have rallied like that if they didn't believe that Kobe was giving everything he had on the court.

Let me give you a more concise break-down of why I think seating your 'best' players before play-offs is the worst... I'll try to keep my emotions out of the equation

ITS BAD FOR THE PLAYER - Lets revisit that fated Lebron playoffs in 2010. He was given a message that 'We need to sit you now, because we need you to carry the whole team later." He was not ready/willing/able to do it then. He was essentially given the message "all of Ohio's eggs are in your basket" and benching him only intensified that. You may argue that some players thrive under such circumstances - I still say its ego-inflating, pressure inducing, and toxic.

ITS BAD FOR THE TEAM - If the message to the benched 'great ones' isn't horrible enough, how do those still playing a junior varsity version of NBA ball feel? A distinct red line has been drawn down the roster between those that matter and those that don't. How do the lesser team members begin ramp up for play-offs right at the time when they are put-down? You may argue that we, the fans, know all along who the marquee players are, but this benching feels like a very public and unnecessary demoting.

ITS BAD FOR THE COACH - Play-offs call for an elevated level of play and an enhanced feeling of teamwork. Excuse the drama here, but is physical and emotional. It's the finals! The coach has to take a group of guys and make them play in a coordinated, unified way. SO the week proceeding the play-offs, he divides the team by their value, separates them, and has them NOT play together? Good luck reversing all that in a few days, buddy.

ITS BAD FOR THE FANS - NBA tickets are expensive - especially Celtic tickets. Expensive. Want to take your two kids? Want to park your car? Want to eat a hotdog? By the time the day is over you could easily be $2,000 in the hole. That is a stretch for a lot of middle class america, but so many kids would see "HEAT vs CELTICS" on the schedule beg to attend. Parents would save up for that. A father would say - I remember seeing Jordan, I want them to remember seeing James, and Wade, and Garnett. You know what they're remember from tuesday's game - Keyon Dooling walking off the court screaming curse words. Yep. that's their precious memory. But back to those crestfallen fans... the last week of NBA play is NOT like professional football. There is almost no risk of losing your point guard or having your center go out for the season. And after a shortened season this year, I wonder how 'rest' is the excuse that could stick. This only seems like a slap in the face to the people that pour money into a program. The fans that make them the superstars, are repaid with this?!?

Michael Jordan didn't sit out before play-offs. Not when they locked-in a top seed. Not when coasting 'seemed logical'. Not when he was the indisputable best and had every reason to do what-ever the H he wanted. He didn't pull this crap. He played. His fans bought tickets without hesitation. His team seamlessly played like a team right on to the finals. Incidentally, he wears a lot of rings.

I used to have some love for the Celtics in 2008 when they pulled the 'boston three party' maneuver. When they cultivated a young point guard. When they knew the only way to go from the worst team (in 07) to the best team was to shelve egos and play like a team (and draft exceptionally well). Now they are formulaic. Rajon, who's freaking young and healthy and who has been streaky feels it prudent to sit down? I used to like this team, but now I hope Chicago crushes their way through the east. I hope those scrappy Bulls (that pulled together despite Rose's injuries) play and win with a lot of heart. I hope the Heat and the Celtics get the chance to begin their summer vacations early - and have the 'rest' they deserve.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Below are the Races and Times since my accident. They are not mind blowing if you look at the average runner, but I struggle to run - so to achieve these times, they have quite literally felt like they were blowing my mind (not in the good way).

Each race marks my best, so each improvement shows my growth - not just in my running, but in my overall health.  Like everyone that puts one foot in front of another, the results are hard earned... so please don't judge too harshly.

Neil and I have the fun and lofty goal to run 50 races, one in each of the 50 states, before we turn 50. Our 50 in 50 by 50 races are numbered and in bold - they also tell a bit of the places we visit. On this topic, I'd always love input on where to run next!


#1 (not) Stongsville, OH 4/10/10 "Run for Your Life" 5K (34:27) recap
#2 Pittsburgh, PA 5/9/10 "Race for the Cure" 5K (38:50) recap
#3 Baltimore MD 9/11/10 "Run to Remember" 5K (34:00) recap
- Pittsburgh, PA 12/18/10 "Pittsburgh Emmathon" 10K (1.08:40)


- Erie, PA 3/12/11 "Leprechaun Leap" 5K (35:38)
- Pittsburgh, PA 5/8/11 "Race for the Cure" 5K (30:05)
#4 Lynchburg, VA 6/18/11 "Presbyterian Homes and Family Services" 5K (37:55) recap
#5 Prarie Du Sac, WI 9/3/11 "Cow Chip Classic Run" 10K (1.04:20) recap
#6 New Orleans, LA 9/17/11 "Black Tie 5K" 5K (28:20) recap
- Sarver, PA 10/15/11 "Buffalo Creek Half Marathon" (2.25:55) *default PR
- Moon Township, PA 10/22/11 "Harvest Moon Run" 10M (1.46:02) *default PR
- Pittsburgh, PA 11/26/11 "2nd Annual Pgh Emmathon/ Fairmount 5K" (26:58) *would be PR but it was a made up race/course and so I don't think it counts


- Pittsburgh, PA 3/10/12 "March Mad Dash" 5M (48:47) recap *default PR
- Pittsburgh, PA 4/14/12 "Genesis Riverside Run" 10K (59:02) recap
# 7 Providence, RI 5/5/12 "Cox Rhode Races" 5K (28:06) recap
- Pittsburgh, PA 5/13/12 "Race for the Cure" 5K (28:32)
#8 Wilmington, DE 6/8/12 "Arthur J Turner Jr. Scholarship" 5K (30:31) recap
#9 Lowell, MI 7/4/12 "T-Rex 10M Trail Run and Wimpy 8K" 8K (55:47) recap
- Pittsburgh, PA 10/27/12 "Freaky 5K" (walked)

- Pittsburgh, PA 3/10/12 "March Mad Dash" 5K (27:02) recap *PR
#10 Louisville, KY 4/23/13 "Rodes City 10K", 6.2M (56:30) *PR

Future Races 

*note the ones in bold are races I've already registered for - as in actually, really happening (very exciting!)... the others are either a "probability" or a "pipe dream"... so feel free to check out the bold ones and run with us!

- Pittsburgh, PA 5/5/13 "Pittsburgh Marathon" Relay, 6.1M
- Pittsburgh, PA 5/12/13 "Susan G Komen Race for the Cure" 5K
#11 Chicago, IL 5/25/13 "Soldier Field 10 Mile" 10M
#12 Denver, CO 8/10/13 - "26th Annual AIDS Walk Colorado" 5K

Sub 60

Two weekends ago (I really don't update well) a group of us ran the Genesis Riverside Run

It was a 10K that I was woefully unprepared for, having not completed that distance since November (when I began my medicine and went on a wretched running decline). It also didn't help that I signed up for the race that week.

At the start, two friends expressed the hope of finishing in under an hour. I shared my goal of hoping to not throw-up into my hands, but I said I'd try to keep them in my sights.

For the first three miles I was able to hang-in with them. This was both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because they are fun to run with and we hit the 3 mile mark at just under 27 minutes. A curse because a 9 minute mile is not my pace for a 10K (or anything) and I knew I would crawl to the finish. So I let them go ahead, still holding out hope I would met my original no-vomit goal and trudged on.

The course for the Genesis Riverside Run is gorgeous, by the way. Someone recently pointed out the novelty of having a stadium IN our city - so the beauty of beginning at Heinz Field was not lost on me. The path then goes along the river walk, past PNC Park, under bridges, along bike trails, and up to Washington's Landing. It loops through more trails and then back along the river to finish.

If you are prepared for it - its a great, flat, 6.2 miles. And there's nothing like having Pittsburgh flirt with you on a breezy Saturday morning.

Just check out Neil, coasting into the finish

I was on the struggle bus.

But as I approached the end, I heard people throw a phrase around...
"At this pace, we can get Sub 60"
or "Come, pick it up, we want to Sub 60"
In my imagination, this was a new type of hoagie Subway was rolling out. A really awesome one they were revealing at the end party.
It showed yet again how I am distinctly a "non-athlete" because someone had to tell me it means you finish in under an hour.

My finishing time 59:02!
I beat my personal best by 5 minutes
and I didn't even know it was a thing at the start of the race, but by the end I got it:
**Sub 60**
(you can tell by my face, a hoagie would have been better)

Now I know that for most people who run this is the speed of a barge. I also know for people that don't run this whole post might not connect. Please stick with me a little longer...

After we run our races we have a lovely habit of going for bunch together. It ends up being about twelve of us around a table. We begin talking about our goals and our running. I am surrounded by runners at many different stages - some running their second race ever, some getting over injury, some training for their first half marathon. 

We all finished at different times, and yet, everyone pushed themselves to the absolute edge of what they could do. 

So that now we all have new limits. 

In a month we'll run a new race, and we'll sit down at brunch and we'll have pushed through to a new barrier. It won't matter that we're 'middle of the pack' or 'slow' or any of that if we're still chipping away, right?

I read a lot of great running blogs and they almost alway have a tab at the top with a list of their races and times. At first I wondered why - because even the 'slower' runners did this. But its beginning to make sense to me. Because running is about going to the edge of yourself and then going further. Its about having nothing left in the tank, then running another 2 miles. And that shows up slowly, over time, in minutes and seconds. And it feels good to be able to measure progress.

Healing from a concussion is similar - I'm always at my limit and I'm always thinking I can't go on any more with this. But I know (at a glacial speed), I'm getting better. It would be nice if I could measure it down to the second and look back to see how far I've come. 

With that being said, I'm making the slightly embarrassing move to post my race times and dates in an easy to read tab. NOT because I think you care about them all. NOT because they are anything impressive. But because they are landmarks - each run is my absolute best, and so it is a list of growth. I hope its also convenient for those that want to read about/run the races themselves.

Thanks for reading (sorry there's no hoagie at the end)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Summer Movie League

So the "Summer Movie League", I think that's what we're calling it.

Or maybe "Summer Blockbuster Fantasy Draft"

Or "MOTION PICTURE SHOWDOWN <subtitle> Screw the Mega Millions"

Or "President by Day: Hunter by Night"... wait no, that's the tag line for the movie "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter"

The point is (a) this is our first time doing such a thing and (b) it will be awesome
... so for get that (c) the name is still a bit iffy

First: all credit must go to my cousin Ryan for developing and creating this. If I were a more creative person I would name it after him. But, that's not true. I'm plenty creative. I'm just superstitious, and I don't want him to win.

The rules:
- There are 5 of us playing (too many and it won't work)
- We can draft from any movie that will be released in May, June, July, and August
- We have a snake draft (meaning you pick first to last then last to first) this sunday to determine our teams
- We pick until we have 6 movies per person
- We take the amount of money the movie grosses in its first two weeks of domestic release, and it becomes part of your team's total dollar amount
- The team with the most money in the end wins!
**note if a movie release date is pushed back out of the summer blockbuster time frame - too bad/so sad you get nothing

So that's how we're doing this. In future years, we hope to become more sophisticated by adjusting the domestic gross against the amount it cost to make the movie/pay the actors. But for now we just want to try it out - have a little fun. Maybe for our first time around we'll call the game "The Winner Who Picked Dark Knight, and all the other fools" and then we'll make things better for our winter movie draft pick.

Here is the rotten tomatoes website of upcoming movies we can chose from.

Its wednesday - due diligence time. I already have my excel sheet, I've already watched my trailers, but I'm still adjusting. I would love input! Any dark horses you would advise me on? Would you do this draft yourself? (I encourage it! Let me know if you do) Would you change any of our rules?

After Sunday I'll reveal my secret methodology for choosing and I'll tell you my team so you can all run out and watch those movies within the first two weeks of their release (because I know you're dying to see Piranha 3DD)

Happy Summer Movie watching and may the odds be ever in my favor!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dancing Shoes and Party Pants

My brain hates me so much but my heart is so happy. The weekend wedding was wonderful.

The ceremony went smoothly - the Bride and Groom were so happy.

Oh but the reception. The reception was epic.

How could it be anything but epic, when everyone wears their dancing shoes

when the Best Man SINGS elvis during his toast!

when the groom is so joyful

when there's a cigar station

when we surprise flash mob a dance routine for the bride

when a chair becomes a drum 

and there's late night snacks of breadsticks

and pizza!

when the (lady) love of your life knows all the rap parts with you

when brothers gotta hug

 and these ladies from different families become sisters

Its especially epic when four siblings gather for a dance-off

sister vs. sister

sister vs. brother

brother vs. reversible

and this

but the bride took the winning title in the 'pants off dance off'

So here's a big fat cheers

to an epic wedding and the best couple I know!

(now you can see why I need some rest)

p.s. family please let me know if you want any of these photos taken down and burned,
I'll be sure to respect your wishes and promptly do so - then frame them on our mantel

Saturday, April 21, 2012

HAPPY WEEKEND! hope its the best ever, most wonderful, the best

There is a wedding this weekend (have I mentioned that?). I just can't help but feel so happy about this my head is swimming and my little heart is busting at the seams.

I don't know what to say to summarize what this day means to me - Its my cousin's wedding, but she's been one of my best friends my entire life. She was my roommate for years. She was the first person I told when I smooched my husband. She was the one that laid the hospital bed with me, after a complex heart procedure. How can I put her importance into a category.

I don't know what we were laughing at here, but it was probably something one of us said.
Or she farted
(just kidding)
(no I'm not)

I haven't even begun to talk about her future husband and that could be a whole other entry. He is amazing. It has been years of lobbying for him to to become official family. Today is a huge day.

I'm - just - bursting.

I know that they don't need any sort of pep talk because I've never believed in a relationship more.

I know that I don't need a pep talk because when I marry them, its for them. Every word I've chosen is for them - so if it's not well received by the masses, thats okay, and if I 'screw up' thats okay. Because this couple is forgiving and understanding - and again, its for them.

Lastly, I know that the penguins don't need a pep talk. They've given two games that I consider to be bonus games, and I'm so happy with them. If they keep playing like a team, s'all good. In fact its great.

Yet, here is a wonderful inspirational speech anyway. Why? Just for the fun of it.
Because this weekend is the best ever, most wonderful, the best.

Friday, April 20, 2012

April Photo Challenge 2/3

Yep, now its the 20th and I have a new set of pictures. And I can't believe I'm still doing the photo challenge everyday! (except for the time I cheated and took a sunset picture two days later, yet still placed it in the appropriate spot like I was on the ball).  *If you want to see the first part of April, go here.

Day 12 - stairs
Sometimes I have the pleasure of taking walks with J (I didn't ask him permission, so I'll keep his name anonymous) - after every single walk, J. Seinfeld always goes to the back yard and sits at these stairs.
Here's that funny guy. Doesn't go up them, doesn't investigate them, just lets you know he owns 'em.

After taking J Seinfeld all over the city - he does not own these stairs. He takes a bit of coaxing to get up them. (and I can't blame him - they look daunting)

Day 13 - something you found
I used this day to search every corner of my home for my missing (and sentimental) jewelry. After many hours - I found it in the very safe zipper pocket of my toiletry bag. I'd like to thank my memory for yet another day lost due to its glitches.

But I couldn't be happier to have these back. When my friend made my wedding bouquet she tied this charm around the stem. And this is the ring that my dad gave my mom when they were dating
 - that I recently claimed as mine.

Day 14 - how you feel today
I don't want to talk about it.

Day 15 - sunset
I went to my eclectic back yard for the sunset but realized it would be obscured by other houses. So I turned and tried to get an artistic reflection of the orange rays off of our house instead.
Dart board outside? why, yes! You see, we live in a very large, old victorian that was converted into four apartments. Our other house-mates include people I would call 'wonderfully eccentric'. 
I love them dearly - they have hints of crazy. 

Case in point: Magenta Tom Selleck

Day 16 - flower
Well hello, little engines that could! 
I bought these suckers on April 7th and took this picture on April 16h 
(never even changed the water)

Here's some more from the same genetically magical batch. Still going strong.

Day 17 - something you hate
I got lots and lots of piles. 
I stack and squirrel away for later, then when that pile topples, 
I know its finally time to start a new pile next to the old one.

Here's the thing, I don't hate piles. I'm ambivalent - thus their tumorous growth all around me.
Neil hates piles.
(although photo evidence shows he is an incredibly tolerant man)
So the thing I hate is that I have this awful habit that bugs him and I can't seem to curb it. 

Day 18 - hair
In the same day I cut, then I dyed my hair. Separately these might have been good ideas, together I feel a bit 'eh' about it all. The picture's not so great - but trust me - I am now 'the b in apt 23' (not familiar with that hairstyle? how about Lydia from Beetlejuice then?)
Luckily I don't care about hair - it just grows and turns gray again anyway.

Day 19 - orange
My grandpa used to say that Pittsburgh's four seasons are thus:
Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter, and Construction
Friends, we have entered the fourth season, and its official color is orange.

Day 20 - something you drew
Little fact about me - I don't buy cards.
Instead, you get something that stopped being endearing at age 8 and is now more cheap thoughtful than anything.  At least the wedding card doesn't have glitter. You're welcome!

(be glad this blog is typed not drawn)