Monday, April 16, 2012

Things that seem normal...

Sunday Afternoon, Neil left the homestead to go on a business trip. He'll be gone several days.

It was only a matter of hours before I googled Wendy Burger's sunday hours... then reconsidered. Because its not worth putting pants on for a baked potato. Then I had the brilliant idea to google if 'wheel deliver' does pick-up from Wendy Burger and if they do so for a bill of $0.99... then reconsidered. Because delivery people expect you to wear pants.

In the wake of a painful hockey loss (a lot of talking to the TV by myself), I watched biggest loser while eating pretzels dipped in ice cream. Then I felt a little guilty and moved myself - with the container - to a yoga mat to stretch and eat and continue watching.

Its a fast and slippery slope friends. I think this video of "things that seem normal when you live alone" illustrates it perfectly:

I found a late night frozen burrito and danced for the whole 2:00 minutes of required microwaving - because I was certain we had no more frozen burritos and I like dancing.

I can't say I would have curbed all of these habits if Neil were with me - but I would have reigned them in a bit. He's just wise. He might have infused a little logic by saying "I'm so happy for your burrito but it's 10:30, so maybe save it for lunch tomorrow." or "Maybe keep your stretching work-outs separate  from your desserts so your mat doesn't get sticky again." or "Thats a lot of ranch dressing on top of that late night mexican snack."

But for him being gone just one day - I already miss him. Because just as you shed some weird single self behavior when you enter a relationship - you inevitably pick up new oddities with your significant other that "seem normal," and when they aren't there to eat a hummus sandwich or say goodnight to LaJohn the Elephant - my strange life just isn't the same.

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  1. I totally concur. Jean was gone Wed-Sun last week. It's not like we do everything together when she's here, but she's like my anchor. When she's gone, I feel adrift. The dog and I just stare at each other and wonder what to do next. My equilibrium is all off. Glad she's back. Hope Neil gets home soon. Maintain.