Saturday, April 28, 2012

HAPPY WEEKEND! hope its green and arborous

Technically it was yesterday, but I think it should be permissible to take several days to hug a tree.

soooo... how are you all celebrating the holiday weekend?

I'm dog sitting, which means very soon I will take him to pee on some neighborhood trunks.
Then I'm going to go for a run on wooded trails this afternoon.
Tomorrow a bike ride.
I also plan on breathing throughout the weekend.
Clearly, there is a lot of foliage well deserving of my gratitude (with an e-card. paper thank you's would be especially cruel)

It seems silly to ask "do you have a favorite tree", but do you?
I always loved weeping willows but that seems like a typical choice.
Next weekend we get to go to Providence, Rhode Island during Cherry Blossom time. I have to say, that is a tree well deserving of a festival.
And I feel it would be an Arbor Day miracle if we ever got to see the majestic Redwoods in California. We almost made that our honeymoon.

Maybe its better I stop talking about trees and we just sit a moment and gaze at them
(they are so beautiful aren't they?)
Here are five trees I've taken pictures of that I wanted to share, in no particular order:

This was in the Serengeti, I was told that its presence signifies that water is nearby

At the Grand Canyon. I love that this one found a way to grow out of stone.

This one sits at the edge of my Aunt's cottage on the Long Island Sound. 
It might be my favorite place on earth.

A huge tree uprooted by hurricane Katrina. 
There was so much debris and destruction, but still so much natural beauty.  

I didn't actually take this picture - my talented friend Laura did. 
But I included it because it was under this tree I made a vow, so I'm rather partial to its branches


  1. Made me think of one of my favorite places on earth... Joshua Tree National Forest in the Cali desert.

    1. I love this photo so much. Tell Jean to begin her topographical pilgrimage if THIS is where it will take us!