Monday, April 2, 2012

April Shutters

on Rachel's blog , that I just love, I saw this little challenge...

I had a rough weekend of coughing and sniffling.
Then I woke up this morning without a voice and not much of a desire to use it (even in typing), 
at least I can manage a picture...

This is through my kitchen window, and all prison bars aside,
I love the look of our fire escape

I'm fairly certain I'll forget about this challenge by day 17 and surely wont post longer than day 9,
but for now it feels shiny and new and fun.

Anyone else want to join in?


  1. Oh man! Love it! I'm a couple days behind, but I'll make up the difference and then see if I can make it past day 9 (or 3) myself.

  2. i'm so looking forward to that! I miss seeing you/what your part of the world looks like!

    I think I might take them daily, then post a stockpile of photos whatever day I find my damn camera cord.

  3. Hah. I'm just going with the camera on my phone and then bluetoothing them over. Much less labour intensive. :)