Thursday, April 26, 2012


Below are the Races and Times since my accident. They are not mind blowing if you look at the average runner, but I struggle to run - so to achieve these times, they have quite literally felt like they were blowing my mind (not in the good way).

Each race marks my best, so each improvement shows my growth - not just in my running, but in my overall health.  Like everyone that puts one foot in front of another, the results are hard earned... so please don't judge too harshly.

Neil and I have the fun and lofty goal to run 50 races, one in each of the 50 states, before we turn 50. Our 50 in 50 by 50 races are numbered and in bold - they also tell a bit of the places we visit. On this topic, I'd always love input on where to run next!


#1 (not) Stongsville, OH 4/10/10 "Run for Your Life" 5K (34:27) recap
#2 Pittsburgh, PA 5/9/10 "Race for the Cure" 5K (38:50) recap
#3 Baltimore MD 9/11/10 "Run to Remember" 5K (34:00) recap
- Pittsburgh, PA 12/18/10 "Pittsburgh Emmathon" 10K (1.08:40)


- Erie, PA 3/12/11 "Leprechaun Leap" 5K (35:38)
- Pittsburgh, PA 5/8/11 "Race for the Cure" 5K (30:05)
#4 Lynchburg, VA 6/18/11 "Presbyterian Homes and Family Services" 5K (37:55) recap
#5 Prarie Du Sac, WI 9/3/11 "Cow Chip Classic Run" 10K (1.04:20) recap
#6 New Orleans, LA 9/17/11 "Black Tie 5K" 5K (28:20) recap
- Sarver, PA 10/15/11 "Buffalo Creek Half Marathon" (2.25:55) *default PR
- Moon Township, PA 10/22/11 "Harvest Moon Run" 10M (1.46:02) *default PR
- Pittsburgh, PA 11/26/11 "2nd Annual Pgh Emmathon/ Fairmount 5K" (26:58) *would be PR but it was a made up race/course and so I don't think it counts


- Pittsburgh, PA 3/10/12 "March Mad Dash" 5M (48:47) recap *default PR
- Pittsburgh, PA 4/14/12 "Genesis Riverside Run" 10K (59:02) recap
# 7 Providence, RI 5/5/12 "Cox Rhode Races" 5K (28:06) recap
- Pittsburgh, PA 5/13/12 "Race for the Cure" 5K (28:32)
#8 Wilmington, DE 6/8/12 "Arthur J Turner Jr. Scholarship" 5K (30:31) recap
#9 Lowell, MI 7/4/12 "T-Rex 10M Trail Run and Wimpy 8K" 8K (55:47) recap
- Pittsburgh, PA 10/27/12 "Freaky 5K" (walked)

- Pittsburgh, PA 3/10/12 "March Mad Dash" 5K (27:02) recap *PR
#10 Louisville, KY 4/23/13 "Rodes City 10K", 6.2M (56:30) *PR

Future Races 

*note the ones in bold are races I've already registered for - as in actually, really happening (very exciting!)... the others are either a "probability" or a "pipe dream"... so feel free to check out the bold ones and run with us!

- Pittsburgh, PA 5/5/13 "Pittsburgh Marathon" Relay, 6.1M
- Pittsburgh, PA 5/12/13 "Susan G Komen Race for the Cure" 5K
#11 Chicago, IL 5/25/13 "Soldier Field 10 Mile" 10M
#12 Denver, CO 8/10/13 - "26th Annual AIDS Walk Colorado" 5K


  1. I think your times are great! Really great! We all have good years and bad years but I think poo pooing over time diminished the heart and effort that it takes to get from start to finish! Looks like you race a lot up in the NE. I've run in Philly a couple times and LOVE their half marathon and full marathon :)

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement! It does feel good to know that the running community is supportive - no matter where you may be in your journey (even if you are miles ahead). We have a lot of friends in Philly so maybe we'll aspire to run those someday

  2. Kyle has literally started a savings jar for that Steelers-Cowboys game in December -- I keep thinking of better ways to spend it, but he is firmly in that wishing phase (and frighteningly enough, it might come true!)

    Keep an eye out for a race down there that weekend, and maybe we can get a great deal on tickets and a hotel room ;)

    1. My Aunt and Uncle live there so we would definitely stay with them - we love any chance to see them! I found a run called "joggin and egg noggin" and Neil and I both said we would tailgate and watch in my Uncle's favorite Steelers bar - BUT the flights still are a bit cringe worthy. (we'll have to see how funds play out, maybe we can have a meeting of the minds soon)