Friday, April 13, 2012

HAPPY WEEKEND! hope you get adventurous

I do. I hope you get adventurous because I will not. I have ONE thing planned - a saturday race and bike ride. (maybe two things if I can seduce a certain someone into a dinner date, but I won't get ahead of myself there.)
With all the lack of craziness, I couldn't be more pleased.

So what is this girl's idea of adventure? (the girl who will be watching all day marathons of "house hunters") I'll tell you friends, in my wild list of recommendations.

beer in the shower - I go with bottle over can, but I'm not about to split hairs here. The hotter the weather, the better this cool refreshing treat will be.  Friday after work - need to unwind? I promise once you uncap and step into the steam, you will never go back to a better beginning for a weekend.

robe with attached belt - When will we stop saying "its the best invention since sliced bread"? Because since then, we have been blessed with fruit roll-ups, DVR, and stuffed crust pizza. And this Christmas I discovered the mecca of loungewear - a robe with the belt attached at the back... you heard me. the future is now.

frozen garlic squares - I could write a whole book of sonnets to the wonders of Trader Joes, but now I'll just flirt with that mini ice cube garlic tray... it has individually divided, crushed cubes of fresh frozen garlic!! My stink free hands offer up a classy golf clap.

luol deng - Don't get me wrong, I have love for Derek Rose. But when I lived in Chicago (the tickets were cheap and fans were sparse), I developed a deep and lasting crush on a different baby bull... Luol. He has everything I look for in a favorite player - he increases the moral of the team, he is selfless, he flies under the radar, he has a story that would break your heart, and he has a name with a rich cropping for puns (DEYYYY-NG that shot looked good!) If you want a player to love this play-offs, I recommend LD.

girls - This is a preemptive recommendation. Premiering this sunday on HBO is a new show, "Girls", written by Lena Dunham and produced by Judd Apatow. For all the times I've watched shows take place in NYC where impeccably dressed women afford impossibly cool apartments with wow-ingly romantic adventures (and no consequences) - this show seems to wipe all those pretenses away. It seems gritty and real and funny. I won't pretend I didn't like Friends and Sex & the City - I did - but I think I'm going to love these girls. here's a nice review for further reading

marinara on salad - Don't judge until you grow-up Italian... until your pasta part mixes with your salad part on the plastic plates. Then you know its no accident - that a little marinara on top of Italian dressing is exactly what our Bene Dio intended.

rhyme schemes of Andre 3000 - There may be more well rounded rappers than Andre Benjamin (Jay-Z you win. every time.) There may be rap groups that are empirically better than Outkast (I see you there Tribe - hanging out with the Roots) -  BUT I'm hard-pressed to find anyone that can mold the english language with more skill. And Andre, if anyone tries to fight me on this

orphan master's son - This novel by Adam Johnson is long and it takes a little bit of time to get rolling but once you know that the author did research on North Korea for six years to write the book, it becomes quite impressive. Analysts have verified that it very closely mirrors the current day country (one of the only discrepancies mentioned in this article was that they don't do lobotomies through eyeballs... that they are aware of), so you see how it also becomes a shocking and eye opening book. I also love this review because it begs the question of can we really believe the novel as realistic - when it represents a nation built on smoke and mirrors.? Oh, please read - and lets talk about all the layers! **Plus this is all the more relevant to read now, with North Korea's UN defiance and missiles being launched.

malkin's parents - Tonight is a big game and you better believe I'll be talking to Nat and Vladi like we're best buds, like we slug vodka on polar bear rugs together, as though they can actually commune with me through the TV. I recommend you like them... quite literally... they're on facebook. And they're so freaking adorable, its no wonder they were able to make Evgeni, and it's not wonder Evgeni was able to turn around and 'make many goal.' GO PENS!

ginger snaps with peanut butter - I like peanut butter for protein and I love ginger snaps for nausea. I put them together and - oh my. Once you do this, know that I prefer my "thank you's" in edible arrangements over flower bouquets.

$13 tattoos - for the super brave lucky, friday the 13th can get you a $13 tattoo in select places. They usually have some rules about size and location (and often it must have the number 13 involved), but if you wait in line early - you've got yourself a deal!

animals doing people things - I can't explain why it's so funny, it just is

lob - This one comes with a question mark. the lob? My hair is getting loonng... its drifting into Dugard territory, and I just don't own enough jean jumpers to go with the look. I've never been much attached to hair styles so while I am considering the long bob - I'm also willing to jump onto any bandwagon that pulls up into my comments section. thoughts? suggestions?

thats all for now.... HAPPY WEEKEND!


  1. If I may combine two of your memes (sports and North Korea):

    Best sports announcer call of the weekend came from the Premiere League and Chelsea's big win over my Tottenham Spurs. After some Chelsea bloke launched an amazing top-shelf laser beam, the announcer said, "The distance of that shot makes it the envy of the North Korean space program!"

    You've got to love cheeky Brits.

    1. I'm usually the one half chuckling at foreign policy humor, while I check the room to see if anyone's on-to the fact that I don't understand...

      But I actually got that - so thank you for the full chuckle, "Its funny cause it's true" moment.