Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Square One

I'm still feeling so wiped out from the Easter weekend. I hate to complain about hosting wonderful dinners, having house guests, and exercise training plans - because the idea of Easter is to focus on those who had it much worse off than us (sorry Jesus, disciples, Mary, temple curtain, etc). But I am seriously tired...

When I get this way I like to sip some coffee and listen to some relaxing music. And since music is always better themed, I'll go with the one that was on my mind as of late - wedding!  A friend is getting married soon and we were discussing what song choices they'll use in the ceremony. I love this detail because its so personal and its the one you'll actually experience beyond the big day.

Neil and I had a lot of fun with this part - here's what we came up with....

The groomsmen and bridesmaids walked to "Mothersbaugh's Canon" by Mark Mothersbaugh
(It was chosen 20% for how it sounds, 80% for its use in The Royal Tenenbaums)

I walked down the isle to "Square One" by Tom Petty 

Other close contenders were:
 "All my love" Led Zeppelin
"Drunkard's Prayer" Over the Rhine
"Patience" Guns N Roses
"Love and Some Verses" Iron & Wine
"Sweet Thing" Van Morrison
.... and more. But Petty won out because Neil's whole family loves him (how can you not?)
Its his mom's favorite artist, and we didn't tell her our pick, as a little extra surprise. 

And our need for hip-hop was satisfied with our recessional,

(we hoped people would be cheering too loud to hear the dirty parts.)

Our first dance was "Tell Him" by Lauryn Hill
We chose it purely for the lyrics... 
We didn't use 1 Corinthians13 in our ceremony and the song recounts this scripture beautifully  

However, we didn't consider how LONG the song is!
Married people, is it me, or is this the most painful and drawn out thing ever?
Thankfully, we had a pint-sized distractor to save us...

Now that I've bombarded you with photos and songs, we'll get to what I really want from this post,
What did you pick for your wedding?
And if you aren't married, what would you want?
Have you ever been to a wedding with a great song?
I had friends get married at the beach and despite the torrential rain that moved their ceremony inside,
the bride kept her processional song, walking in to "here comes the sun." Isn't that wonderful?
I'm dying to know your answers on a day like today. Holler at me!


  1. Aww, this post completely took me back to your wedding day! Loved your song choices.

    Heinz Chapel had a very limited selection of songs, but thankfully I found ones I loved. My bridesmaids walked in to Rigaudon by Andre Campra. I walked into Handel's "Overture to the Fireworks Music" (how is that for a poetic song title?) Our recession was to Handel's "Hornpipe" from Water Music.

    We had a great time picking reception songs. Groomsmen and bridemaids walked in to the O'Jays "Love Train." I totally wanted "Black and Yellow" for our entrance, but Kyle begged for the Fox NFL theme and got his wish. Our first dance was "Your Song" by Elton John, both because we love Sir Elton and because we could have our parents cut in halfway through and not have it be weird/sappy (we wanted to avoid a really long first dance, and it still felt like forever). "American Woman" for the garter toss and "It's Raining Men" for the bouquet toss. So much fun!

    Sorry for the longest comment ever ;)

    1. your comment - exactly what i hoped for! Carrie I remember your first dance song perfectly because "Your Song" is my Dad's favorite. He used to sing it to my mom, and when I was born he would sing it to me. So maybe years from now, a daughter of yours will find herself crying at a friend's first dance and the cycle will continue!

      I agree with you - for some reason I think this topic is so much fun - especially because when I hear these songs later (from our wedding and from friends weddings) they bring back so many good memories!