Thursday, May 31, 2012


A fascinating talk about feats of memory.

This is really helpful if you've hurt the short term memory part of your brain [raises hand] and still pretty interesting even if you have no damage.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hot Running Tips

As the days hit 90 degrees and humid, its time to consider how to run safely in this heat.

There are the standard tips from Runners World and Its all their boring, typical, obvious advice like:

- Run early or late (not in the direct sun)
- Wear loose, light clothes
- Hydrate
- Don't put sunscreen in your eyes
- Run in the shade

Then I came across the awesome expert tip:

 - Lower The Bar

*thats more like it

A less scientific chat I found said things like:

- Brace yourself for suffering
- Run as naked as possible
- Rig up a system of ice under a hat, a slow trickle mechanism

*now we're getting closer...

From personal experience, I would like to add:

- Thank the coffee shop employee when you steal water from their pitchers
- Apologize to them for the swampy dollar you've placed in their tip jar
- See a sprinkler, make friends with it. (and the Neighbors that own it)
- Call it a day when you don't know if you're peeing or sweating
- Invest in fabreeze

Any other warm weather running advice you'd like to add? Its that time of year and I love a little help!

Top Gun

I'm not sure what it is about this photo composition that has me fascinated but since I've seen it, I've told people about it five or six times. 

So now I'm telling you...

Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer are creepy in the opposite aging directions. 

What a Maverick - I can't look away!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

I don't quite know how to celebrate Memorial Day.

I take that back, I'm great celebrating the day. On Friday and Saturday we ate picnic foods and had fun with friends and family. We played with squirt guns and went swimming and ate watermelon until we'd burst.
On Monday morning we sat on my cousin's porch and watched our hometown parade pass by - just as we did when we were little ones. There were flags waving and children weaving around us. When the last fire truck passed down the street, everyone went to the back yard to fire up the grill while kids played in a slip-n-slide.

Then late afternoon, we went for a walk through downtown, across the Roberto Clemente Bridge, to the kayaking rentals.

There was a baseball game, so we could hear cheering while we kayaked on river, gliding past downtown Pittsburgh.

Then we sat outside in Market Square and sipped Sam's summer ales. So yes, I know how to celebrate Memorial Day...

I don't quite know how to honor Memorial Day.

I know that while doing all those lovely pre-summer activities, in the front of my mind was gratitude. I am thankful that I have a husband by my side. That with a country at war, I'm not saying goodbye to him at a time in my life when I need him the most. I am thankful that I'm not one of the many women who understand what it means to live tour after tour.
I've been thinking of all women in our history who got the news, 'he won't be coming home'. And then thankful isn't enough to describe what I feel for all I have.

Is it patriotic or unpatriotic to question some of our foreign policies? Is it supporting our troops to oppose a war? At least that would get them home. I know its all very complex and I know that I don't know nearly enough to launch the discussion.

On a day when we are supposed to feel at one with our armed services - I realize I don't understand their lives at all.  Even a weekend that should be a reflection on our war heros - while we are currently at war - looks like hot dogs, swimming pools, and sun screen.

So I will share with you a few things that have me thinking. Things beyond an inspirational quote for your facebook. While they present mostly a feeling of confusion - I hope you can see the root of them as patriotic and supportive... or at least a conversation starter.

This is a post about veterans that I can't stop thinking about.

Here's a song by Lupe Fiasco "Around My Way [Freedom Aint Free]"

Here is a moving op-ed piece from a war vet who lost a son, sharing 'why we serve'.

I still have to say I don't understand it all. I do appreciate that I am free (as evidenced by the photos above) but I know that its more complicated than that.

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend - if there was anything you did to celebrate or honor the holiday, I'd love to hear about it!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Chalk Highlights

I just learned you can take standard chalk and add some water...

Then color your hair with it! (yes true story)

It looks a little messy going on - but its safe and it washes out and once its dry it supposedly doesn't transfer onto your clothes.  

The best part about it - its way cheaper than that 200 piece toy I was looking at getting my Niece and Nephew but just as annoying. Katie and Tony - get ready for me to make your darling kids red white and blue haired! 

God Bless America! and Happy Memorial Day! (I think this is what was intended when we were all given a day off work)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

1 2 3 4 5 SIXERS

As with any tournament or play-off season, once my team is out, I take a simple pleasure in picking any fun team and root root rooting for their wins.

While The Bulls were making their departure in the most crushing way - my cousin was right beside me in his Phila sweatshirt, Iverson throw-back jersey, and star lined Sixers track pants. It was an ugly house divided. He was only allowed to use the 'traitor mug', our Robert E Lee collectors stein, when he wanted a drink.

Is it blasphemy for me to say - just one series later - "Go Sixers!"? (don't worry I won't wear the track pants)

To be honest, all season, I've enjoyed watching this tough, young team. Mostly because that same cousin got an NBA package with all the Sixers games and we share cable. And I've heard about this team for months so I feel like I'm at least a bit less of a bandwagon cheerleader than, say, Mike Wilbon. 

Plus its fun to see Lou Williams jump off the bench and drop double digit points each night, with that goofy grin. Its fun to see Doug Collins their father figure coach, who seems to also just enjoy the ride.

Last night Collins said "I just want them to play without fear." I like that. No arrogance, no apologies for being the underdog. Just looking out for his guys and being in the moment. 

When they are playing their clamp down defense and hurry up offense, when they are passing the ball and taking their lay-ups (as opposed to lobbing up ridiculous jumpers), they are a force to be reckoned with. And when they go up against an aging Celtic cast of characters, they really have a chance (maybe. this game 7, in Boston territory. so maybe not.)  

The only problem - if they lose on Saturday - I need a new team. The west is tough because I really like both teams in the conference finals. I guess its, Come on Pacers?!?!  Oh man, I love this time of year. What will I do when basketball ends?  

Until then (as much as it hurts to not have the Bulls) I hear the band, I like the song, I'm on the wagon.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Random Word Generator: A Love Story

Sometimes Neil and I play a game of sorts with each other where one of us will say a word - any word - and the other one then tells the fist story that comes to mind related to that word.

It started one sunset on vacation when we pulled chairs up to the ocean's edge and just talked, inching them back as the tide came in. We wanted to hear stories we didn't know (something that seemed hard seeing as we've known each other since kindergarten). This silly little game magically drew them out...

...'ha. Have I ever told you about the time in college your cousin and I kicked a door in?"

..."that makes me think of my Gram. Have I ever really described her kitchen to you? I loved it so much!"

and on we'd go - car rides, long walks - "Elephant", "Lemonade"

There's so much to learn about a person.

This next part might seem like a non-sequitur but I promise I'll come around in my thought...

I joined twitter a few months ago and I've been underwhelmed. Maybe its because I only followed a few things and those cooking/running/sports things seem to just tell the same stories. Maybe I just haven't tapped into twitter's potential.

So today I tried something new. I said a random word to twitter and it generated a story back to me...
part of it funny, part thoughtful, part informative.

...@SquidwardTweets "I just saw two homeless men hitting each other with pieces of cardboard. pillow fight?"
...@MarieClaireId "'Women should look like women. A piece of cardboard has no sexuality' - Alexander McQueen -"
...@OMGfacts "Monty Python and the Holy Grail's budget was so small, some castles were made out of cardboard!"

...@bulls_horns "People that shop at Whole Foods think they're all that and a bag of bagel chips."
...@dbonesallday "I want to go back to the simple days, the bagel bite days..."
...@benny_clegg "Scary fact: eating a bagel is the same as eating 6 slices of bread"

I feel like I just hit the refresh button on my relationship with Twitter.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Favorite Comedy Moments

Sometimes I think Mindy Kaling and I could be buddies. In my mind, I leave some funny on-point messages on her blog and she eventually says 'haha. oh man. we should be best friends!" and I casually reply two days later "oh what? yeah. that'd be fun or whatever."

Its not a big leap to think this could blossom - we both have a true love for the excellent, Steve Martin

And I felt oddly proud of her when I found out she got a new show, "The Mindy Project" next season on FOX (I had hoped she would be one of the lucky few with a life boat, emerging from the Titanic that "The Office" has turned into). Even though it looks a bit like a romantic comedy in the trailer, I'll watch it with the loyalty of a creepy fan true friend.

Her book "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" is a quick, clever read. Similar to Tina Fey's "Bossy Pants" and it cemented my friend crush on Mindy. In one part she lists her favorite comedy moments and I immediately youTubed them all - laughed my face off and began thinking of my own. (p.s. this one of hers, where Liz Lemon cries out of her mouth, is amazing)

I excluded stand-up and didn't do much research (because if you think too hard you'll go crazy), and so without further ado, here is my TOP 5 of COMEDY:

Michael Cera singing "These Eyes" from the movie "Superbad". There is something about his ability to master awkward that has me in tears. It could have been so cliche - straight laced high school kid accidently trapped in a crazy party with drugs - but Cera pulls it off so well.

Alec Baldwin during a therapy session with Tracy Morgan on "30 Rock". This is one of my favorite shows. I always considered Baldwin's character, Jack, to be 'supportive' and background. This scene forever changed that - Alec Baldwin became a genius here and then I realized that everyone on this show is pure gold.

Peter Griffin and a bullfrog on "Family Guy". I think what I love about this show is that they perfected the kind of laugh that you get from making the audience have no other choice but to eventually laugh - they extend the joke sooooo long you just have to go with it - you're that uncomfortable. I think its smart, others might call it really really stupid.

Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle dancing to "Puttin' on the Ritz" from "Young Frankenstein". I'm at a loss for which classic movie to include in my Top 5. I think this one is quoted more than any other around my family's holiday table ("Put the candle back") and I think this scene is the one that rises to the top. It's hilarious simply because of the idea - that you have Frankenstein tap dance. It's physical comedy with out being slapstick or over kill. Then there's the spot on delivery. And after you see it, you never hear the song in the same way again.

The Chicken Dance from "Arrested Development". One great aspect of comedy is the pay off. This clip is a compilation because the way Arrested Development worked at its best was by giving you a subtle joke over and over again though out the seasons then hitting you big in the end. The scene with all the family members around the table making horrible chicken noises would be really funny standing alone. Ah, but having them sneak in the bad imitations one by one - here and there - over several season - made that moment when it crescendos all the more amazing.

Now that's 5 but I haven't mentioned anything from Dumb and Dumber or National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation or Tommy Boy or Caddyshack and Will Ferrell - he should be there somewhere. This is wonderfully difficult!

And now I would really really love to know what are some moments in comedy that you have adored. Ones that you have watched over and over - have quoted - have made that indelible impression on you. Then I want to watch them and brighten my day!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Hope Springs

It feels a bit like eating my words to post something, but last week Neil bought me a book - threatening to collapse my whole new years resolutions (which I take seriously). My evil genus husband said "well if you quit blogging, you quit your resolutions, which means I can buy you books now." I'm not one to back down - so here is my next post.
dare re-accepted, i guess.

There is something strange about sharing how you feel - because emotions shift and change, but once words are put out there they become fixed and unmoving.

Last week was very difficult and everything I said was very true but it also had good parts. Now I feel bad just venting the stresses and dropping off the grid, as if that's the final word.

proof of the goodness: some candle lit 'didn't die' romance 

And while I was having a hard time verbalizing my frustrations with blogging - Neil put it well by saying 'we know this is your hobby not your career.'

My problem is that the hobby column of my life is full (running, reading, cooking, etc) and the career column is glaringly empty. Undue attention paid to my hobbies during that one little week felt strange and painful and so I vented.

I mostly feel bad for the well meaning people in my life. I am raw these days and a comment or compliment can touch nerves that no one even knows exist. Does that ever happen to you?

I mentioned that good things happened last week. I had several appointments that gave me new hope for the coming year. One of the appointments was at the UPMC Pain Clinic with a psychologist that specializes in talking with people who have chronic pain.

If I wasn't sure that everyone could benefit from talking to someone - now I'm convinced. And she is a perfect fit. Here are two things she said to me in that first meeting....

"I'm going to ask you this once and never again because I hate this question. Sorry, I have to ask this. I think it's a terrible gauge because pain is subjective and its a perception and you are probably so sick of it but, on a scale of 1 to 10..."


"I really like working with metaphors and mental pictures, I hope that's not cheesy for you."

.... thats Jenna, my new best friend.

Its like she already knows me. And now that I have her, maybe I won't need to work things out on a public forum with you folks. (can I get an amen?!)

p.s. Thank you for all of your love and encouragement on my didn't die day. I'm very grateful that I'm still hanging around this world with you lovely people!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Dear Diary

I had intentions of putting together a number of posts this week about concussions - about my accident - and about where I am as I approach my fourth "Didn't Die Day" (which is tomorrow)

But true to form, I had a horrible day. I feel terrible and I don't know why after 1,460 days of constant pain, I would be surprised to find this milestone is no different.

I can't get my mind to focus and I don't want to really try. I'm doing this blog because its supposed to help my brain. It's supposed to be a good practice for me. This week I'm just not in the mood.

I'm not in the mood to run the 4 miles I have written on my planner - which are supposed to help me. I'm not in the mood to spend my 30 minutes meditating, I'm not in the mood to go to my appointments, and I'm not in the mood to avoid processed foods. (also, I don't feel like talking to people - but thats not something I was told would help  me - that just how I'm feeling)

In the last week I've had more than several comments (note I said "comments" not "compliments") about my blogging. Everything from "so if I say this, are you going to blog about it" to "oh she has her camera out, I bet its going to be on her blog." Not that any of the comments are negative, per se, but they amplify the silliness I feel about all this...

I don't want to be in the place I'm in. I never aspired to blog. I never dreamed I'd be unemployed for half of my twenties. I don't want to be taking pictures and formulating thoughts as an elementary practice for my brain. My plan was to be walking for a graduate diplomas this spring - not walking a dog for a friend because its a 'manageable activity' for me.

I'm taking the week off from posting.

Maybe next week I'll feel like coming back to this... I made a goal to try blogging for a year. (even all these arbitrary goals feel ridiculous - ways to put a minor tangible thing on a life without work with a chronic pain I can't control) Maybe I'll switch back to journaling. But then, someone will innocently call my journal a diary and I will feel just as silly when people wonder about my daily commitment to that. (oh the uncontrolled emotions of the brain injured!)

After all, to attend a 10 year high school reunion and not have ANYTHING to answer people during small talk time except - "Well, I have a diary" feels like a notch below "I have a blog"... i think (I'm out of the loop though).

Sorry if this all sounds a bit bleak. I tend to feel the weight of all the months around this time. Tomorrow I'm refusing all calls and Neil is making me a dinner of Tater Tots and Red Wine. Its as close as I can get to rebellion and celebration.  Next week. we'll see.

Friday, May 11, 2012

HAPPY WEEKEND! hope you get to hug a mother

This is a holiday where I couldn't be more blessed. I have my mother who showers so much love on everyone. She bought a little outdoor pizza oven for the weekend - to host a dinner. And she stopped by beforehand to pick up some of my laundry! sheeesh. How does one ever give back to their mother adequately? Will a mom ever stop feeding her children long enough for them to answer that question?
I have a mother in law that is so thoughtful and kind. I would be so blessed if I could spend forever sipping tea and chatting with her. This is a woman that can talk with equal parts enthusiasm about Impressionism Paintings and Pirates Baseball. 
I have a step-mother in law that has a knack for making me comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time. Shortly after I met her, she had me cozy up on her couch with an afghan and a coffee while she boldly stated I need to marry Neil. (how wonderful is that!)
I have a number of aunts that I grew up so close to - they'd discipline me right alongside my cousins... they also love me just the same as the ones they gave birth to. They are the women that gifted me the most important books I've read "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn," inscribed Congratulations on your Confirmation, 11-22-97. They introduced me to classic comedies such as "The Jerk" and "Blazing Saddles." They are the ones that passed on my gram's cooking, and they also put on "Earth Wind and Fire" at full volume while we clean-up Thanksgiving dinner. (all very formative)
And I have a lot of 'aunties' that are not blood related but wouldn't hear of it if you said that out loud. Some have kids of their own and some don't. All have adopted me fully - even to the point of attending horrible band concerts and long dance recitals. 
What have I returned to them?  I'm still not quite sure. Maybe that's the root of Motherhood, its selflessness. But I know that I'm eternally grateful for all of my Mothers.

Everyone reading this probably approaches Mother's Day from a different place. Some might be holding onto your Mom in memory (sadly that is where almost all of mine and Neil's Grandmothers reside), others might be longing to become a mother yourself. I hope if its a difficult day for you, you can find comfort in the beauty of the strong women that surround you. 

I know I've become who I am because of a gaggle of crazy, wonderful, gorgeous "Moms" 

Its our tradition to get each of our Mother's a bouquet of flowers on this day. But because I don't have to click 'check out' on that online shopping cart, I'll show you some things I would buy them if I were in the habit of getting them all they deserved and more. Hopefully you'll find some inspiration for that special lady in your life too...

its not out till fall but it is sure to be the best - so even a promise of this gift to come is great

because its sensible but still stylish (and for a good cause)

comes in many colors and can double as a beach wrap

dainty and affordable

has some fun yet classy options. I love the peach one - "a crewed interest"

my friend's grandma used to give her this sage advice:
"don't sleep with men you don't know and moisturize your neck"

i suggest watching the video on the website - it really is the ideal weekender

(just omit the fact that it comes from a maternity website)

and what Mother's Day Gift Guide would be complete without a candle...
as if to say, "I remember all those sleepovers where we kept you awake, then you got up in the morning and made us breakfast anyway."

Thank you Mom(s)! I love you (all)!!

"Being a Loose Cannon"

For a little cheer today - here is a customer product review of "Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Creme" on Amazon that made me laugh so hard I cried.... I cried (that means take the time to click the link.... trust me, almost 19,000 people have found it helpful)
Its a gold mine if you keep digging.
There's another funny one here, and even a poem here.
But that first review is my favorite, something about his British pluck and positive spin at the end.
(thank you KMc for showing me this gem!)

p.s. also for some laughs - here's a poor quality photo from the race we ran (related to this post)
check out Neil, cool as a cucumber, taking in the scenes... 
while I'm all pale and focused - working my jedi mind tricks against puking


And two of these three people below look like they're going for a stroll,
while one of them looks like they were just told their puppy died in a knife fight.
I'll let you figure it out...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Teaching My Phone

To prove that the english language really is falling apart, I present to you a list of words I had to teach my phone in the last month (I have T9 because my phone was made in 1990, but you can think of it like autocorrect)

[expletive] comcast

Maybe this says less about our language and more about my odd day to day life.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

50 in 50 by 50: #7 RHODE ISLAND

 When we booked this getaway we were torn between the Sunday morning half-marathon through downtown Providence and the Saturday 5K race in Roger Williams Park. We realized that a huge part of our goal of 50 in 50 by 50 is about discovering the area in which we run. Its about the travel - the locals - the 'fabric of our nation' if you will. We knew having 48 hours wasn't much time and a 5K would leave us with much more energy to really know Rhode Island. I have to say, we made the right choice.

The little 3.1 left us with tons of time for these fun Providence treats....

Staying at the Hampton Inn downtown was great! (highly recommended)
from there it was an easy walk to both the east and west sides of town
*also we could wake up early saturday and watch marathoners from our window, still in our pjs

Then actually getting out of our king sized bed and our pajamajams and heading to the waterfront to cheer on the runners was also fun. This is at the 26 mile marker.

I loved seeing really really really old grave sites. And seeing many other historical sites.
Practically every building was a landmark. And don't even get me started on all the Statues and all the Memorials in all the Parks! I was a plaque reading maniac!


There were two different local breweries we got to sample and they were both quite nice. (I'm partial to Trinity Brew House because we only made a brief stop in Union Station Brewery in which I had to endure watching a painful 4th quarter loss from my Bulls)

After a brief walk through RISD (the art museum does a 'pay what you want' on sundays),
we attended a service at the first ever Baptist Church in America. est in 1638
*the pews have DOORS, they close and latch. yep, that's right, they do church in a 'penalty box'.

We had our traditional 'lazy bloody mary' time at a place called Kartabar
They made this one with brown sugar, mint leaves, and cucumber vodka!
THIS is why they say travel can be educational.

And all the walking! If you are walkers like us this is your city! We covered an estimated 10 miles the first day and we quit counting the second day. It was the best. From Brown's Campus (pictured above), through residential streets, the whole of Thayer, along the waterfront, through Downtown and Federal Hill and beyond. 
Put a coffee in our hand and we could stroll all day.

What New England weekend wouldn't be complete without a seafood dinner?
Hemenway's was nice and affordable and delicious
(hang out with their lobster crab cakes, you won't regret it)

Then we capped it all off by watching the end of a Celtics game in a local bar, Blake's Tavern, where everyone was in kelly green and everyone spoke with a Boston accent and everyone knew each other's names.
They befriended us immediately, making us feel like one of them by making fun of us (namely our Pittsburgh sports affiliation), then playing songs for us on their juke box. 

Needless to say - the nation's tiniest state has made a huge impression on us.

With all that goodness, the highlight was still our 5K race. Cox Providence Rhode Race was located in the beautiful Roger Williams Park

 The park has a Zoo and a lake with Swan paddle boats and many small wooded paths. We leisurely explored all of those because we got there at 3:30 and the race began at a non-offensive time of 5pm!

The crowd of 460(ish) was managed well. We started and ended near the carousel - which is near a beautiful veranda in a picturesque garden. Its also near a pizza vending machine.
{I'll pause a minute so you can let all that sink in}

The course through the park was breathtaking. I started out fast, for me, the first mile being being just under nine minutes. Then I got a crazy idea that I could complete my goal of an under 28 min 5K.
Then the hills came.

I kept going but there were more rolling hills than expected and I was feeling worse and worse. The breezy late day weather in the high 50s didn't help much, I was burning up. I kept handing Neil layers.
my long sleeve, my camera, race shirt, etc. (and he had his own stuff)

I knew it would be cutting it close (because the race was great and had clock timers at each mile marker) so I had to dig deep and push really hard at the end. I managed to finish but my rib cage felt clamped down and my lunch felt dangerously close to surfacing. It. was. ugly.
I didn't crack 28 (my final time was 28:06), but I did get a PR (by 14 seconds, I'll take it)

I wish so badly I had the final race picture: Neil carrying all our stuff. Me almost losing it.
Could there be a better metaphor for us?

I to had briskly escape as soon as it was over - I don't get along well with crowds when I'm in that condition. But in getting away, we found this little alcove. 
It was Cherry Blossom season and the whole area was blanketed in petals.

For many people romance is this moment in a secret garden - all alone, quiet, pink flowers, etc, etc.

For me romance is when I start to break at the end of the race. I gasp and I ache and I cry because I hurt so much and yet for some stupid reason I need finish knowing I've given everything... 
and instead of him getting exasperated and saying "just take it easy. its our vacation. don't do this to you - and us" (or whatever else he would be fully entitled to say)
and he says this:
"Look at me.... You can do this- I know you can."

And somehow we cross the finish - him carrying it all, me trying not to fall apart. 

The Breakdown
date: 5/5/12
race: Cox Rhode Race 5K
location: Providence, RI
charity: Leukemia and Lymphoma Society 
time: 28:06
*11th in my age group

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Our weekend away was delightful - it was providential...

One of the things I loved more than all the beauty that Providence, RI had to offer was spending time with Neil. We got to just hang out. No making plans, no TV, no quickened mid-week conversations.

We welcomed the slow pace, the long unfolding evenings, the deep talks, the games and laughing.

Over an extended dinner at a local craft brewery (vegetarian gumbo! oh how my knees still buckle), we played one of our favorite games, while we sipped a delightful sampler....

The game, LOATHE DRAFT, involves taking turns drafting a car of celebrities. The car has to have two males and two females. They can be dead or alive, real or fictitious. They are to come together to make the most horrible, terrible, unbearable car ride you can imagine. (The celebrities themselves might not be so bad, but the set of four should make your stomach turn when put together.) Then you find a non-partial judge to chose which car is most awful and the worst one wins. (the bartender was our judge, but usually we phone a friend- chosen at random after drafting)

*note this is a modified version of the more positive game "LIFE DRAFT" invented by my family. In LIFE DRAFT the car is headed to a party and one must consider which car is the most desirable team to have at a party - yet it must also be considered, if the car never makes it to the party, who would be most enjoyable along the way. Again a non-partial judge is chosen after teams are drafted, not knowing who had what teams.

Car 1
Glenn Beck
Ray Lewis
Anna Nicole Smith
Miley Cirus

Car 2
Carrot Top
Condalisa Rice
Amy Winehouse
Lead Singer from Nickleback

I'd love to know your thoughts - which car do you think wins (that is, which one would be more wretched to ride in)? Who would you draft for your car? Do you have any little games you like to play?

I mention all this today because its a heavy day, a day when I'm paying dearly for all the fun I had on my weekend. Yet despite the pounding in my temples, I can take solace knowing I'll never have to go anywhere with those groupings of people. (I shudder to think of it. Seriously, what would they say to each other?!?)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Ups and Downs (Travel Monday)

I have always loved getting to travel in an airplane. Its probably because I know nothing about aerodynamics.

I just look around in awe, doing terrible mental math:
Me = Too Heavy to Fly
Me + Every One Else in Rows 1 to 23 + A Bunch of Tons of Metal Stuff = NO WAY. NO WAY THIS CAN FLY!!!

Then we take off. We lift up off the ground! We freakin take off!!! And I can look at clouds!!!! Amazing.

You know who else is with me when it comes to air travel - Louis CK, my man.

However, since my accident I have to balance that wonderment with trying to keep my spleen out of my throat. It's crappy riding up just one floor in an elevator. Again, I'm not so great with math, but - the clouds are a lot higher than a one story building. So yes, flight is a concussion struggle.

Anyone that happens to be flying from Providence to Pittsburgh today - you might see a green faced, wide-eyed brunette that is switching between squeals of delight and those discomforting slow exhales of the soon to up-chuck.

Good luck to you fellow traveler, its not Southwest, you can't change your seat when I white knuckle grip your arm (in joy and in pain).

Friday, May 4, 2012

HAPPY WEEKEND! hope its a marathon of romance

Good Luck to all the people running in the Pittsburgh Marathon on Sunday!

My family: the Blythe cousins doing the relay as a team, and cousin Mike running the full!!!

My friends: Lauren, Neil S, Mike, Kaylyn, Jen, and Jeff doing the half. Caitlin and Steph doing the relay. Sarah doing the full.

A total stranger: Becka is running 50 half marathons in 50 states and I'm excited to read her PA recap  

*note: Since as of last night it became facebook official, I'll say the even more impressive feat here - Steph is doing the relay while carrying another person - insider her (because she's pregnant! in case you didn't get where I was going with that) GO STEPH!

I love the Pittsburgh Marathon weekend because it feels like at the city's beauty is on display. People travel here to run a race, but they end up touring our neighborhoods and gazing at our skylines and seeing the enthusiasm of our people. I hope everyone that runs feels the love!

boom. romance.

Since Neil and I very poorly planned a trip away on the weekend I love (what can I say - cheap flights!) Here are some of the signs you would have seen me hold for you...

While we are romancing each other in Providence - you fearsome folks will be be experiencing some of the finer sides of marathon running. I did a half marathon and didn't enjoy half the things on that list but there's always next time! More power to you people - no matter when you finish its a victory because....