Friday, May 11, 2012

HAPPY WEEKEND! hope you get to hug a mother

This is a holiday where I couldn't be more blessed. I have my mother who showers so much love on everyone. She bought a little outdoor pizza oven for the weekend - to host a dinner. And she stopped by beforehand to pick up some of my laundry! sheeesh. How does one ever give back to their mother adequately? Will a mom ever stop feeding her children long enough for them to answer that question?
I have a mother in law that is so thoughtful and kind. I would be so blessed if I could spend forever sipping tea and chatting with her. This is a woman that can talk with equal parts enthusiasm about Impressionism Paintings and Pirates Baseball. 
I have a step-mother in law that has a knack for making me comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time. Shortly after I met her, she had me cozy up on her couch with an afghan and a coffee while she boldly stated I need to marry Neil. (how wonderful is that!)
I have a number of aunts that I grew up so close to - they'd discipline me right alongside my cousins... they also love me just the same as the ones they gave birth to. They are the women that gifted me the most important books I've read "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn," inscribed Congratulations on your Confirmation, 11-22-97. They introduced me to classic comedies such as "The Jerk" and "Blazing Saddles." They are the ones that passed on my gram's cooking, and they also put on "Earth Wind and Fire" at full volume while we clean-up Thanksgiving dinner. (all very formative)
And I have a lot of 'aunties' that are not blood related but wouldn't hear of it if you said that out loud. Some have kids of their own and some don't. All have adopted me fully - even to the point of attending horrible band concerts and long dance recitals. 
What have I returned to them?  I'm still not quite sure. Maybe that's the root of Motherhood, its selflessness. But I know that I'm eternally grateful for all of my Mothers.

Everyone reading this probably approaches Mother's Day from a different place. Some might be holding onto your Mom in memory (sadly that is where almost all of mine and Neil's Grandmothers reside), others might be longing to become a mother yourself. I hope if its a difficult day for you, you can find comfort in the beauty of the strong women that surround you. 

I know I've become who I am because of a gaggle of crazy, wonderful, gorgeous "Moms" 

Its our tradition to get each of our Mother's a bouquet of flowers on this day. But because I don't have to click 'check out' on that online shopping cart, I'll show you some things I would buy them if I were in the habit of getting them all they deserved and more. Hopefully you'll find some inspiration for that special lady in your life too...

its not out till fall but it is sure to be the best - so even a promise of this gift to come is great

because its sensible but still stylish (and for a good cause)

comes in many colors and can double as a beach wrap

dainty and affordable

has some fun yet classy options. I love the peach one - "a crewed interest"

my friend's grandma used to give her this sage advice:
"don't sleep with men you don't know and moisturize your neck"

i suggest watching the video on the website - it really is the ideal weekender

(just omit the fact that it comes from a maternity website)

and what Mother's Day Gift Guide would be complete without a candle...
as if to say, "I remember all those sleepovers where we kept you awake, then you got up in the morning and made us breakfast anyway."

Thank you Mom(s)! I love you (all)!!

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