Friday, May 11, 2012

"Being a Loose Cannon"

For a little cheer today - here is a customer product review of "Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Creme" on Amazon that made me laugh so hard I cried.... I cried (that means take the time to click the link.... trust me, almost 19,000 people have found it helpful)
Its a gold mine if you keep digging.
There's another funny one here, and even a poem here.
But that first review is my favorite, something about his British pluck and positive spin at the end.
(thank you KMc for showing me this gem!)

p.s. also for some laughs - here's a poor quality photo from the race we ran (related to this post)
check out Neil, cool as a cucumber, taking in the scenes... 
while I'm all pale and focused - working my jedi mind tricks against puking


And two of these three people below look like they're going for a stroll,
while one of them looks like they were just told their puppy died in a knife fight.
I'll let you figure it out...


  1. OMG... Gentlemen's Log Cabin is definitely going to be my next fantasy team's name.

    1. haha, that's amazing!

      isn't the whole thing fascination and hilarious - like an online support group in a customer review format. (its times like this I love the interweb)

  2. thanks for sending your photos along--- they are NOT that bad ;)