Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Photo Challenge 3/3

Here is the final installment of the April Photo Challenge
If you are so captivate, here is part 1 and part 2

While I am shocked that I completed this thing, I'm not at all surprised by what happened in the final days. True, I had my camera and I took pictures every day - but I was usually vague on the topic (I would forget to check ahead) and some of the days ended up becoming interchangeable. (I know you're feeling betrayed right now, but I have to tell you - Day 24 was taken on Day 30)... then I also ended up with ton of random pictures that took thinking "oh, this will probably fit some topic. and its kind of something." But in the end, those didn't really apply and I just have a bunch of random photos to consume my computer's memory...

apparently this was for the topic that I thought was coming:
"your husband makes omelets that look like faces, and not on purpose"
that day never came.

Day 21 - bottle
There is a bottle in this one, but there is so much beauty as well.
When cousin Tony lets loose, I want to make an inspirational poster of it with the caption
"Dance Like No One is Watching"

He was the wedding MVP

Most Visually Perfect
(with a bottle)

Day 22 - the last thing you bought
I bought this when the Pens lost, knocking them out of the Play-offs.
Neil eats an extremely heathy diet, but he'll have cookie every once and a while.
I like to buy food for people when I don't know what else to do for their sadness.

Day 23 - vegetable
This is a house staple: Creamy Carrot Soup
Its made with only veggies; its good for you; its super delicious.
(I got the recipe from Mark Bittman's "Food Matters")

Day 24 - something you're grateful for
my acupuncture time
I can't say enough about Sydnie and Wholistic Acupuncture 
I can't say enough about acupuncture in general and what it has done for my healing. You have now received an inside look into the only place where I've experienced pain free in the last four years. (needless to say I have a lot of gratitude)

Day 25 - looking down
This is four days after the wedding, so its much healed and much harder to see, but I got stepped on by a high heel.
And here's the kicker, I didn't even know it until I was getting ready for bed that night.
I was sober - just in a lot of headache pain. (enough to not notice a high heel stomp)

So I spent the early part of the week doing yoga instead of running because if I can't feel the initial injury, I surely won't feel it if I make things worse running
(note: it's all good now)

Day 26 - black + white
We want a dog SO badly, which made dog sitting for Doc the BEST!
(Doc is also a topically appropriate black & white)

As a bonus, the most darling 6 week old dropped off some black & white "thank you" treats for watching her dog

Day 27 - somewhere you went
trail running in Frick Park
to practice for this ten mile trail race
(and it was less miserable for my head than I expected it to be)

Day 28 - 1pm
At exactly 1pm on the 28th, the Bulls played the Sixers
They won.
It was the most depressing victory I've every seen.
I still can't go to ESPN's main page without covering my eyes like I do for horror films, peaking through my fingers, just in case that pained photo of Derrick Rose is still staring back at me.
I should have moved this image to day 30.
(Its so sad to think how hopeful I was in this picture... damn you, 1pm)

Day 29 - circle

Sunday morning we went to Pittsburgh's 24 hour local artist's gallery "Art All Night"
this year it was held in an abandoned metal factory (more the great event here)

We saw so many wonderful, eclectic things - both in artwork and in people walking around.
We also saw circles

Sunday afternoon we went for a 15 mile bike ride along the Monongahela River
The circles thing came up again.

Day 30 - something that makes you sad
I am not patient. I am not the poster child of delayed gratification.
So even when something is very good - like making homemade vacation brew.
I am sad because I can't try it TODAY.
(above: Neil is measuring our Summer Ale for alcohol level before letting it ferment. 
Ferment is another delaying and sad word to me)

I took a zoom in picture of Neil to show another thing that makes me sad. His injuries from mountain biking. I know he is responsible and always careful, but he also rides some crazy trails and takes this sport to the extreme (you should see his shoulder/leg/knee/back). He says he's fine and they are just scrapes but I obsess over having ONE CONCUSSION PER HOUSEHOLD. Call me crazy. I happen to want to stick to that particular rule.

Thanks for hanging out with the pictures - its been fun to take them and share them. I will not be continuing with any more monthly challenges but my funny, kind, thoughtful friend Tim has a blog - he did April and he is going through May (I believe you will find him to be delightful)

On a final note. I've discovered what is destroying our O-zone. Its the chemicals they put into these flowers that I bought on April 7th. That I have not trimmed or watered. That look like this as of Yesterday, April 30th:
So if we're all going down - at least its with a nice centerpiece.

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