Friday, April 20, 2012

April Photo Challenge 2/3

Yep, now its the 20th and I have a new set of pictures. And I can't believe I'm still doing the photo challenge everyday! (except for the time I cheated and took a sunset picture two days later, yet still placed it in the appropriate spot like I was on the ball).  *If you want to see the first part of April, go here.

Day 12 - stairs
Sometimes I have the pleasure of taking walks with J (I didn't ask him permission, so I'll keep his name anonymous) - after every single walk, J. Seinfeld always goes to the back yard and sits at these stairs.
Here's that funny guy. Doesn't go up them, doesn't investigate them, just lets you know he owns 'em.

After taking J Seinfeld all over the city - he does not own these stairs. He takes a bit of coaxing to get up them. (and I can't blame him - they look daunting)

Day 13 - something you found
I used this day to search every corner of my home for my missing (and sentimental) jewelry. After many hours - I found it in the very safe zipper pocket of my toiletry bag. I'd like to thank my memory for yet another day lost due to its glitches.

But I couldn't be happier to have these back. When my friend made my wedding bouquet she tied this charm around the stem. And this is the ring that my dad gave my mom when they were dating
 - that I recently claimed as mine.

Day 14 - how you feel today
I don't want to talk about it.

Day 15 - sunset
I went to my eclectic back yard for the sunset but realized it would be obscured by other houses. So I turned and tried to get an artistic reflection of the orange rays off of our house instead.
Dart board outside? why, yes! You see, we live in a very large, old victorian that was converted into four apartments. Our other house-mates include people I would call 'wonderfully eccentric'. 
I love them dearly - they have hints of crazy. 

Case in point: Magenta Tom Selleck

Day 16 - flower
Well hello, little engines that could! 
I bought these suckers on April 7th and took this picture on April 16h 
(never even changed the water)

Here's some more from the same genetically magical batch. Still going strong.

Day 17 - something you hate
I got lots and lots of piles. 
I stack and squirrel away for later, then when that pile topples, 
I know its finally time to start a new pile next to the old one.

Here's the thing, I don't hate piles. I'm ambivalent - thus their tumorous growth all around me.
Neil hates piles.
(although photo evidence shows he is an incredibly tolerant man)
So the thing I hate is that I have this awful habit that bugs him and I can't seem to curb it. 

Day 18 - hair
In the same day I cut, then I dyed my hair. Separately these might have been good ideas, together I feel a bit 'eh' about it all. The picture's not so great - but trust me - I am now 'the b in apt 23' (not familiar with that hairstyle? how about Lydia from Beetlejuice then?)
Luckily I don't care about hair - it just grows and turns gray again anyway.

Day 19 - orange
My grandpa used to say that Pittsburgh's four seasons are thus:
Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter, and Construction
Friends, we have entered the fourth season, and its official color is orange.

Day 20 - something you drew
Little fact about me - I don't buy cards.
Instead, you get something that stopped being endearing at age 8 and is now more cheap thoughtful than anything.  At least the wedding card doesn't have glitter. You're welcome!

(be glad this blog is typed not drawn)

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