Thursday, April 5, 2012

Modern-Day Resurrection

The voice that had been slipping away from me all week, is now completely gone. An appointment with my doctor confirmed what I suspected - laryngitis.

I could have guessed the nasty lary because one of its triggers can be straining your voice, for example cheering at a sporting event. I don't know if you know this but the Pitt Panthers WON THE ENTIRE CBI CHAMPIONSHIP THE WHOLE THING on Friday.

And the crowds went wild....

Okay so it was the CBI, but I cheered along with 96 other people anyway. When things got a little dull, I started a chant for the game's sponsor - Zebra Pen. When we snagged a victory I shouted for them to play "One Shining Moment." Let it be known - I had a voice that day, and I used it.

Another trigger for laryngitis is allergies. Last weekend I was dog sitting and just like in the above example, where the things you love hurt you the most - I'm allergic.

But how can you look at that pout and not dive in for a belly scratch? how?

Throat tickles, sneezes, runny noses be damned - we had a best buddies weekend. And I think I paid for it.

But the doctor sat me on the exam table, did the ol' once over and told me my basketball/dog theory was crap. I had significant fluid behind both ears and swollen glands in the anterior and posterior cervical chain. "You got this from a flu. Have you felt a fever? sick? achy?"  No. No. No.

Oh. wait.... I've only felt a massive headache. And that has caused me to ignore what was definitively a bad flu - not well treated - turned into laryngitis.

My doctor thinks this could last for weeks. The kicker: in a few weeks I am officiating the ceremony for my beloved cousin. This makes for very upsetting mathematics. Please pray with me that there could be a 2012 resurrection of my vocal chords. I'm hopeful because it only took Jesus 3 days and that was a whole body - I just need a larynx and like a week and a half.


  1. These things have a way of working themselves out. I bet you'll be ready. Don't stress.

  2. I'll stay warm in the bullpen.

    1. Tom, you are the best! I have enough back that I feel confident of full voice by wedding day. I'm working on sending the ceremony very soon!