Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April Photo Challenge 1/3

I haven't forgotten about the April Photo Challenge... now that its about a third of the way through the month (how did that happen so quickly), I figured it was time for a photo dump. Here is the first of three sets for the month....

Day 2 - colour
My basket of scarves, I can hold onto this for just a few more weeks I hope.

Day 3 - mail
April 3- I got both a handwritten note AND a magazine with D Rose on the cover!

Day 4 - someone who makes you happy
This guy. I snuck a picture of him making me dinner.

And since I couldn't get a photo of Dr Huxtable (who also makes me so happy),
I took another one of Neil just for good measure.

Day 5 - tiny
Tiny is the amount of candy that remains from the large bag of my absolute favorite treat.
(If you'd like to do me a favor, don't buy me these chocolates. They'll be the end of me)

Day 6 - lunch
ah - so good. so freaking good. The soup is this recipe for shakshuka 
(made with slightly less peppers and even better the next day.)
The wrap is from conflict kitchen. There's great info on it here.

Day 7 - shadow
I have a NOOK and I love it for its ability to get library books.
But I get irrational e-book stress over the ticking deadline - I begin rearranging my day
and freaking out as the clock winds down on the time remaining
with just 23 hours left I had over 100 pages and I had to fit in sleep!
Oh the shadow that looms
Day 8 - inside your wallet
My wallet is the size of a clutch.
My purse is the size of a hammock.
Now that I see this picture - its clear that a spring cleaning is in order.

 Day 9 - younger you
Its probably cheating to put a picture of myself as a baby
but how cute (and hairy) is this? I couldn't resist uploading it anyway. 
Seriously, I'm only 3 hours old here and I have some hair!

The picture I chose to take for younger me is of this shirt. 
It was my mom's from before I was even born, then I wore it like a dress when I was little,
Now I wear it cause is cool and breezy (nothing like aging fabric 30+ years for that)
And give it up to Mickey and Minnie on a cloud to help you say "youth" when you need it.

 Day 10 - cold
Neil and I have been working through the Seder and Easter leftovers like champs.
Yesterday, all that really remained for this vegetarian were pork and brisket.
That's cold.

Day 11-  where you ate breakfast 
In my sun-kissed kitchen, with... I'm sorry, I can't do it.
This is staged.

I took my waffle and coffee to my bed- where they belonged. I sat in front of my computer to continue streaming hulu clips of SNL and it was great.

The astute observer would ask "Why did you switch from a plate to a paper towel?"
to which I would answer - "oh, sweet amateur, when you finish your eggo breakfast with a plate, you have the problem of finding a place to balance said dish on an already full nightstand. Where-as paper products can be crumpled. And yes, I did really well in college." 

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  1. I love all these pics! Especially the one of the Minnie Mouse shirt! How cool is it that you've had it all this time!!?

    I'm happy you stopped by my blog!