Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Closet Trash Culture

I love to pretend I don't delve into the world of gossip magazines and the E channel - that I'm totally above celebrity relationship updates...

but I'm not.

I'm a worse breed of people. The kind that openly snubs people magazine, yet secretly gets updates from other (better?) sources. The kind that looks left, then right, then clears her recent search items of 'fat betty draper' and 'Jason Segel new girlfriend'

If you are one of the few readers out there that aren't judging me, but nodding along with me - I'll tell you the places I go to get gossip from a once removed, sarcastic source (you know- the ones that you can feel a little smug about)....

Every week Molly Lambert reads all the tabloids for you, then makes jokes about them in this article - so you can still know what's happening, still mock them, and still have time for a latte.

The blog suri's burn book is a hilarious way to laugh at all the absurd parading of the spawns of celebrity children - but still keep tabs on the spawns of celebrity children.

What better way to catch the big stories than to do it through the bbc news arts and entertainment page - which always feels okay when it comes from Great Britain - just like the hard 'f' and other foul phrases - it all sounds more palatable coming from them

I have to end with the king of putting trashy culture in the limelight and then putting it down - Joel McHale from The Soup. Watching his show and the show of his heiress, Chelsea Lately, fit perfectly into the model of people like me.... casual participants in the dredges of our culture - that can't face it head on, but sometimes can't look away.

how about you? are you a closet consumer like myself?
or are you too busy reading The Economist to even begin to answer that question

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