Monday, May 7, 2012

Ups and Downs (Travel Monday)

I have always loved getting to travel in an airplane. Its probably because I know nothing about aerodynamics.

I just look around in awe, doing terrible mental math:
Me = Too Heavy to Fly
Me + Every One Else in Rows 1 to 23 + A Bunch of Tons of Metal Stuff = NO WAY. NO WAY THIS CAN FLY!!!

Then we take off. We lift up off the ground! We freakin take off!!! And I can look at clouds!!!! Amazing.

You know who else is with me when it comes to air travel - Louis CK, my man.

However, since my accident I have to balance that wonderment with trying to keep my spleen out of my throat. It's crappy riding up just one floor in an elevator. Again, I'm not so great with math, but - the clouds are a lot higher than a one story building. So yes, flight is a concussion struggle.

Anyone that happens to be flying from Providence to Pittsburgh today - you might see a green faced, wide-eyed brunette that is switching between squeals of delight and those discomforting slow exhales of the soon to up-chuck.

Good luck to you fellow traveler, its not Southwest, you can't change your seat when I white knuckle grip your arm (in joy and in pain).

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