Thursday, May 24, 2012

1 2 3 4 5 SIXERS

As with any tournament or play-off season, once my team is out, I take a simple pleasure in picking any fun team and root root rooting for their wins.

While The Bulls were making their departure in the most crushing way - my cousin was right beside me in his Phila sweatshirt, Iverson throw-back jersey, and star lined Sixers track pants. It was an ugly house divided. He was only allowed to use the 'traitor mug', our Robert E Lee collectors stein, when he wanted a drink.

Is it blasphemy for me to say - just one series later - "Go Sixers!"? (don't worry I won't wear the track pants)

To be honest, all season, I've enjoyed watching this tough, young team. Mostly because that same cousin got an NBA package with all the Sixers games and we share cable. And I've heard about this team for months so I feel like I'm at least a bit less of a bandwagon cheerleader than, say, Mike Wilbon. 

Plus its fun to see Lou Williams jump off the bench and drop double digit points each night, with that goofy grin. Its fun to see Doug Collins their father figure coach, who seems to also just enjoy the ride.

Last night Collins said "I just want them to play without fear." I like that. No arrogance, no apologies for being the underdog. Just looking out for his guys and being in the moment. 

When they are playing their clamp down defense and hurry up offense, when they are passing the ball and taking their lay-ups (as opposed to lobbing up ridiculous jumpers), they are a force to be reckoned with. And when they go up against an aging Celtic cast of characters, they really have a chance (maybe. this game 7, in Boston territory. so maybe not.)  

The only problem - if they lose on Saturday - I need a new team. The west is tough because I really like both teams in the conference finals. I guess its, Come on Pacers?!?!  Oh man, I love this time of year. What will I do when basketball ends?  

Until then (as much as it hurts to not have the Bulls) I hear the band, I like the song, I'm on the wagon.


  1. Oh Emma.... dear, sweet, wonderful Emma... how can you say these things? I'm just reading this & wondering how your life went so off track in just a short period of time. I blame myself, maybe I should be around more watching Spurs game together & making sure you don't stray too far into the darkness. I still love you & I believe that we can beat this sickness together.

  2. The unfortunate truth about the Sixers / Celtics series is that each Sixers win has been tempered by a borderline crushing defeat in the following game. And the Sixers won game 6. But hey, hope springs eternal in Philadelphia. (Until "our" team loses. Then "those bums" never had a chance. Silly Philly.)

  3. Thanks. Now that song will never leave my head. (Quick, hum the theme to Hawaii 5-0. Nope, not working.)

    Growing up, I had a huge poster of Dr. J on my wall. There was no Chicago equivalent. Norm Van Lier? Not really. Dr. J with those stars down the side of his uni was bad ass.

  4. Lauren - I hear you lady! I should be watching some games with you for balance but they stopped playing Blair and I have Ryan up in this house (he's a strong presence) and Neil is really pushing for the Thunder (and he smooches me) so my Bulls void is leaving quite the vortex. I'm glad you weighted in. Lets get some good beer and watch the next series together! (at least the Sixers would be a lower seeded team for the Spurs to face in the finals, right?)

    And Tom I think I'm leaning Sixers mostly for that song. I hear it coming up the stairs of our apartment and its pavlovian - I start to think "yeah, I DO hope these boys win. clap your hands everybody."

    But Tim ultimately I think you're right. Especially with the Celtics having 2 days to rest. And with the fact that its in Boston. When the Celtics cover a deficit in this series to win the announcers say "I never doubted they could win" and crap about "finding their identity" but when the Sixers come back to win its "historic" and something they "might never do again". So not that I'm a conspiracy theorist - but look for KG on the foul line and I'd bet a million dollars Pierce doesn't get called on a travel.