Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Last week my phone broke and I realized how maladaptive I am when it comes to modern technology....

Not only did I feel a huge sense of relief at not having to talk on the phone (I didn't get it fixed for over four days), I felt a great sense of loss over the fact that they no longer make the 'old' phone that I love so much.

R.I.P  you big, lovable, gray stone

Not to worry folks. A good friend of mine had the same model tucked away in his drawer ( he had recently upgraded) so he passed the perfectly good flip phone along to me. Am I lucky or what?!?!

The Verizon store clerk's reaction to this lateral phone exchange ("ma'am, you've had a new phone credit for over three years, I would be happy to show you our smart phone options.") was eerily similar to the time I paid cash for an item at the Apple store ("(sigh) wait here while I get someone from the back with access to the change drawer.")

People under the age of 65 just don't seem to understand my lack of desire to keep forging ahead into new and increasingly expensive technology. Its almost upsetting enough to write someone a letter about it - but I can't find where I put the postage and I'm tired so I probably just make some tea and take a nap instead.

Feel free to text me if you agree (as long as its under 160 characters).

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