Saturday, January 7, 2012

HAPPY WEEKEND! hope you get to look ridiculous

...or I should say hope you get to look amazing! (see below)

We have a friend in town from Chicago, so I think we'll have to show her the best of the best...

Nico's Recovery Room: a dive karaoke bar (but that doesn't even begin to describe it)

Here are some people that I love dearly doing what they love dearly

I might work up the courage to sing this song, but most likely I'll just cheer on my fellow enthusiasts.


  1. So did you get the courage?! I God I hope so! haha Please let's karaoke together sometime, I need someone who could sing this one with me...

  2. @ Lauren: no, I didn't. But I got to see my friends sing some killer 90s songs, including 'hey jealousy' and 'you oughta know'. Also, I would definitely duet with you-- if you gave me the guy parts (my singing voice is deeper than a lady should admit to and I love ja)

  3. Yes! Glad I made the blog! And I went to Cappy's on Friday. Next time you should go for it. :)