Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Resolutions

Having not quite met my 11 goals for 2011, I'm going to try again with 12 goals for 2012.

I wanted to make some of them fun and some of them challenging. But most of them fun.

They are quite specific because I don't do well with saying 'read more books' - I need to say 'read __ # of books' or else I won't feel like it's been accomplished. Also, I like to make little check marks next to list items (in many cases below, I'll be making twelve of them - its all so satisfying.)

specific yet attainable 12 Goals for 2012

1. Eat in 12 New Restaurants in Pittsburgh. I didn't want to repeat any from last year, but I wanted to continue going on date nights once a month so - loophole - eat in new places and hit on my husband in the process.

2. Learn how to fix a bike. I have my mother-in-law's old bike with brakes that occasionally work. Thankfully a wonderful place exists in this city called FREE RIDE where I can take some classes on bike maintenance and maybe even build myself a new one if my little death trap on wheels, Black Mamba, craps out on me.

3. Continue blogging through this year. Neil suggested this one....plus, my doctors and concussion books recommended that I journal or blog or write to work on those brain processes. But saying that is deferment away from me because it's still kind of embarrassing to blog. to say 'I blog'. Its easier to say 'other people said to do this'. But with the resolution I will gain ownership of something and stick it out longer than I may want to admit. (and that's good. right?... all four readers out there feel free to agree)

4. Learn to cook with 12 new fruits or vegetables. In this last year I began cooking with kale and swiss chard and brussels sprouts and tofu (things I had eaten but never ventured to prepare myself) and it was really fun with only a tinge of scary. This year I want to expand to celery root and okra and pomegranate and kumquat! We are going in on a Community Supported Agriculture, so come summertime I should be getting nice and adventurous in the kitchen!

5. Run a 5K in under a 9 minute mile. I was close to this goal in October, but I started a new medication early December and my running took a major hit. Now I'm struggling through 11 minute miles and can't run much more than 3 miles (after having completed a half marathon not long ago). I know it will be challenging and it will take a long time to chip away - I really do know because I've already done this - but I'm ready for it. "Burn some dust here. Eat my Rubber!"

6. Watch 12 movies I've never seen from the AFI Top 100 Films list. I realized recently that there are a lot of classic films that I've never seen. I have also recently had the benefit of gaining access to an amazing movie collection when my cousin moved into our building. Last night Neil and I watched 'Fargo' for the first time.... and now I'm only about 15 years behind on the wood chipper reference. (one little check mark down, eleven to go)

7. Read 12 books I've never read from the BBC Top 100 Novels list. Last year I read big pile o' books and the ones I tended to appreciate the most were the classic literature novels. I had no idea Wuthering Heights was so dark and twisted - I thought it was very Jane Austin - get yourself a man - kind of writing. And if a Bronte an knock my socks off like that, what else is out there? (I mean, they are classics for a reason right?)

8. Learn how to make beer. Neil got a beer making kit for Christmas and we started the 10 week process on New Years Day. It all felt very witches brew-esque. You stir, check temperatures, boil, and stir. There is still a lot of 'learning' that needs to be done on my part because even though we started the process together, I was very much the Vanna to his Pat Sejak. No worries, I'll take an active interest in what all the sticks with measurements mean in a couple of weeks. (or maybe then I'll just drink the stuff)

9. Volunteer with 12 different events. This was going to be volunteer once a month but then I looked at how busy January was shaping up to be and thought best not to box myself in. (Probably not a good outlook for the year but I'm going to stay positive.)

10. Don't purchase any new clothing. Not even at my happy places - goodwill and consignment shops. Not even cheats and asking for clothes for gifts. This isn't because I feel I have a clothes purchasing problem, its because I took inventory of what I have and realized I absolutely don't NEED a single other item of clothing. So I'm trying a year without it. **exception: complimentary race t-shirts and maaaybe new running shoes

11. Don't purchase any new books. Not even at my happy places - goodwill and half price books. Not even cheats and asking them from everyone all the time. This IS because I have a book buying problem. I have a definite problem and this will be very hard for me. I took inventory and I own over 50 books I have yet to read. I got a nook for Christmas that downloads up to 10 free library books to me any time I want them - YET - I already struggle with this resolution. Hot Dam, it's only january 3rd.

12. Save $___ . This amount is specific and possible but a bit of a stretch since we are essentially a SINK-PME (that's single income no kids - plus medical expenses). Its a bit over 25% of what comes in so its a good thing I'll be reigning in my ability to spend $20 at the .50c book bin. Thing is we are happy to save because we also know how to splurge a bit too - and all that saving means we can own a house which really means we can finally live somewhere that we can own a dog (which really means it will be the worlds most expensive dog)

So Happy Resolving!!!

According to this chart, 12 percent of people that make resolutions actually achieve their goal.

dare accepted.

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