Friday, January 6, 2012


When is it normal to take down holiday decorations?

(I'm sure it differs from fake tree to real tree users. We happen to have the Charlie Brown variety of fake tree)

I think there's varying degrees of sanity related to when you disassemble all your Christmas things...

There are those sane and motivated folks that get everything boxed up as soon as December 26th hits. (If you are one of those people... and your baseboards are clean and your microwave has no splatter marks - I ask that you not pass judgement for what you read below)

Then there a few - some consider them juuuust on the edge of crazy - who leave everything up until the end of January.

Then there are an even smaller minority, who many would classify as certifiable. They begin to disassemble their Christmas decorations, only to spend the better part of an hour redecorating everything because another holiday is quickly approaching - FOOTBALL PLAYOFFS!!

And as long as the Steelers are in - Myron Cope will wrap up the base of their little tree and Steeler candy canes will hang from its branches. And they'll hope against hope this business doesn't come down until February. (bunch of nut cases)

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