Monday, January 30, 2012

Old Wive's Tales: Gender Prediction

There are a lot of Old Wive's Tales I've heard about figuring out gender - the all seem particularly crazy to me (and most have been disproved by science and common sense), but honestly think they are really entertaining.

I pulled together a number of them from a number of sites - if I missed any that you know of, let me know...

* How do you carry the child? Carrying high is girl, carrying low is boy
(the nurse in me knows this is actually due to uterine muscle tone, but again, its fun to see)

* What is the fetal heart beat range? High (above 140 bpm) is girl, low is boy
(another one that science has debunked, but every single expectant mom will perk their ears to)

*What do you crave? Sweet foods - ice creams and the like is girl, Salty/Sour foods - pickles, chips, etc is boy

*What are your eating habits? Sick and Nauseated is girl, eating more is boy

*What does one cup of your pee look like when mixed with one tablespoon of Drano? (that's right, you heard me. this one sounds crazy to me too. and I wonder how "old" of a wive's tale it can be, but here goes) Green is girl, blue is boy

*What is the mother's age at conception and what is the year at conception? - this one is according to the Mayans so we'll know pretty soon whether or not to trust them - If the answer to both age and year are even or odd its girl, if the answer to age and year are opposite its boy

*What part of the loaf of bread do you crave? The middle is girl, the heals (aka the 'butt') is boy

*How is your complexion? Breakouts are linked to girl ("they steal their mother's beauty") and clear skin is boy

*How is your demeanor? Crabby is girl, Pleasant is boy

*How have you gained weight? Pregnant 'all over' is girl, All belly is boy

*What are your hands like? soft hands are girl, chapped or dry hands are boy

*What did an older sibling say first? Mom or Mama is girl, Dad or Dadda is boy

*Which breast is bigger during pregnancy? (yep thats a thing) Right side is girl, left side is boy

*How are you getting about? Clumsy is boy, Graceful is girl

*Has the father put on weight during pregnancy? Yes is girl, no is boy

*Ask a pregnant person to show you their hands - Palms up is girl, Palms down is boy

*Have her pick up a house key - She grasps the long narrow part its a girl, She picks the round end its a boy

and my personal favorite (because how will you discuss and determine this):
*Who was more aggressive at the time of conception? Husband means its a girl, Wife means its a boy

Sometimes these can do more harm than good (note: don't tell a hormonal pregnant woman she looks like she's carrying a girl - she will most definitely become 'crabby') but most of them are harmless and rarely true.

We grew up with my mom doing the pencil test (also performed with a string and a wedding band) and maybe its just because I was raised on the notion of that particular wive's tale, I do think that one must be true. (please don't tell me otherwise)

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