Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dad Diaper Bags

on DadGear 

There are a surprising number of Daddy products appearing in the baby industry and I have to say, the diaper bags for men are really nice. (My mom will be so sad to hear that yet another passing idea of hers has become a booming market a few years after she thinks of it.)

I like the basic look of this one on ebags.

And I think this backpack is perfect for the athletic papa.

If you want to drop some major bills, this diaper bag from StorkSak is amazing and looks almost like a briefcase (and supposedly Brad Pitt carries it)

I like that as fathers are becoming more involved, they are getting equipped to do so. Hopefully in coming years we'll see things for men start to creep into baby registries.


  1. My buddy Shaun was well represented on his baby's registry. In addition to the manly diaper bag, he also was sure to add an "off road" stroller that has an iPod dock and speakers on the handle. (For use while playing disc golf, of course.)

  2. Tim, that's awesome! I didn't even think of that! My cousin Tony got carriers for his bike for when his little ones were big enough to wear helmets, which I am also a big fan of