Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Mom Gifts

At the shower I went to this weekend, some wonderful friend went off registry and very rogue and bought the mom-to-be slippers, a sweet little nightie, and a cozy cotton robe. Isn't that just brilliant!

So in the spirit of thinking of the sacrificing mother - here are a few more nice gifts for her... and only her, let the baby fend for itself.

A massage - giving a new mom a half hour to an hour out of the house to unwind and relax could be just what they need. (couple it with an offer to babysit for that time period and you could be friend of the year)

Netflix subscription/new TV series - many friends have said that the times of gazing lovingly at their new child while breast feeding at all hours doesn't last forever - sometimes they want to watch some mindless television (I'll resist all 'boob tube' jokes). A 25 minute television show is the perfect respite for the mid afternoon or late night feeding and a lot of couples actually liked the bonding over something entertaining during the long days of rarely leaving the house. I've lent my three seasons of 'Arrested Development' out to four different new moms now - which makes me feel in some small way like I'm doing my part.

A handwritten note - this one might sound small or insignificant but from what I've heard of new moms, encouragement is good (actually, I guess that's true of everyone). Being childless, I sometimes get sensitive to the comments of 'you have no idea what it's like' or 'your world is sooo much easier'. But in all honesty I don't know what its like, and if I can send a simple 'Thinking of you', it can go a long way.

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