Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dear Charles Dickens

Today is your 200th birthday (and I agree that it's totally weird that we're counting your age after you die).

But birthday or not, its a good time to say, I have always loved your books the most. I love that you have drama at each turn. This is probably because you wrote for periodicals and that's what sells the papes (it might be of comfort for you to know this is how things still work. The Biggest Loser is claiming every week to have the 'most dramatic episode ever'). But unlike your counterparts, who wrote in fragments, you knew where your stories would lead. Somehow - always to my disbelief - all the flawed and crazy threads tie together in the end and you give us closure.

I can't explain why, at the age of fourteen, I fell so deeply for the character of Sydney Carton. You remember Sydney, the one who does not end up with the love of his life - the one who ends up in a guillotine instead. (I've read Tale of Two Cities five times now and each time I love Sid more and more). To feel akin to him over Lucie may say a lot about me but I'd rather not get into it - not on your birthday.

You've said "There's nothing better than a friend, unless its a friend with chocolate." so today I'll have some chocolate and reread the part of Great Expectations when we first meet Miss Havisham. She's in her well preserved home, clocks stopped, cake untouched in the many years since she was left at the alter - a perfect monument to her going all crazeballs. Ahhh, It'll feel good being with my friends again.

Charlie, have I mentioned I was an only child? no? anyway, thanks for the memories.

A fan of yours since you were merely 186 years old

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