Friday, February 24, 2012

HAPPY WEEKEND! hope you cook up something new

As I continue to chip away at my new years resolution to learn to cook with 12 new fruits/vegetables in this year, I have discovered an ability to cook both okra and turnips. Not in any amazing ways - but in edible and very passible ways. 

They look like this:

They are usually slimy and seedy - thats the word on the street - if the "street" is Top Chef. 
I counted on the ever professional you tube video to saute the okra... (it was still sort of slimy, I didn't mind.)

Then I added onion and eggplant. I put in some garlic, salt, pepper, cumin and paprika (can you tell I don't measure). Then it was too spicy so I added some cinnamon and a bit of sugar and whatever else I could find (can you tell I don't follow recipes). I finished it with a dollop of hummus.  

They look like this: 

They got peeled and sliced and salted and covered with rosemary
They got roasted up with carrots and onion at 375 degrees for a time frame the I didn't measure. I was unsure about this part. Once again, without a recipe, I found myself answering Neil's question of "When is it done?" with more questions and made up words "I don't know. Are turnips crunchy-radishy? If so I think they're done. But then again, are they supposed to be mushy-potatoy? maybe longer?"

Shrug. wait. taste. wait. taste. and voila.... a masterpiece side dish!

If you have any actual measurements/times/quantifications of ways to eat these wonderful vegetables, please feel free to share them with me. While I have no complaints about them, I feel they got a raw deal in our kitchen. 

I hope you get to experiment a little too (cause its fun) and I hope it goes well.

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