Friday, February 17, 2012

Funny Tumblr (parts 4 and 5 AND 6, THANK YOU TIM!)

What would I do without all these very specific categorical tumblrs to amuse me?

Thank you america - for having the creativity and spare time to create things that stimulate my mind make me laugh.

#4 - Hungover Owls - I think the pictures of owls that look hungover need little else by way of explanation

#5 - T Rex Trying - this is brilliant. I've always wondered how a T Rex would stand up again if it fell over. This tumblr poses so many better scenarios about said dinosaur and it's unfortunate arm length.

*EDIT* I'm adding a 6th tumblr. One of the best people I know posted it in the comments but you might not have time to sift through all of those... plus, it would be to your benefit to watch this immediately. and THANK YOU TIM!

#6 - Bad Lip Reading - I watched the first video link of Newt Gingrich and laughed till I cried. (I can't explain why - it might be an underdeveloped sense of humor that finds "poo poo in the egg salad" to be hilarious - but I go with it)

"I think it'd be cool to get four porpoises, a wet Nigerian, and do the merry lunch limbo. 
That'd be a bad ass mission."

and in case you missed the amusing tumblrs I've already fallen for, here they are: one, two, three



    (PS: Apparently I AM that creeper who replies to every post.)

    1. Glad I'm not the only one who's easily amused. :)