Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tomboy Style

I've recently found two things that gave my sense of style a sense of direction.

The first was watching Annie Hall. The minute Diane Keaton came on screen in a long sleeve shirt and flowing easy dress, I was sold. She is my new muse... a mere thirty five years after she arrived on the scene (I said it was style, I didn't say it was current style)

But seriously, while Audrey Hepburn has an undeniable classic beauty that I can admire, I could never curl up on a couch in her clothes - or cook lobsters in her little black dress. So thank you but I've found Diane now and I"ll take her please.

The second thing to justify my wardrobe is a great little website called tomboy style. It celebrates all the casual boyish clothes I've always worn (as a teenager, I distinctly remember being asked to "please put on a shirt with out writing on it!"). It also somehow makes that slouchy look seem fashionable - which means hope for me yet!


  1. What does it say about sleeveless flannel shirts?

    1. hahahhaha! maybe she'll let me guest blog on how Randy and I have pioneered that fashion trend