Friday, February 24, 2012

Good Omens?

Start with the Dream...
I usually wake up often through the night so I usually remember my dreams. Unfortunately, those dreams are usually fraught with images I'd rather soon forget. This is why, when I had my first non-nightmare a week ago (the first good dream in years), I was so happy I felt I should share:

Neil and I were watching a basketball game in a court-side, luxury box (which only exist in my mind). The walls were plexiglass like a hockey penalty box, and our table for two was decadent... I mean, candelabra, gold chargers, heaps of food. I was eating chicken wings (my vegetarianism abandoned) and watching a tie game with, miraculously, no time left. Our team was poised to win it all because Paul Pierce was on the foul line. Then, Paul turned and looked at us. He locked eyes and boldly stepped back, and back, until he was beyond the arc. "Opting to shoot a 3 to win the game on a free throw? This is unheard of!!" The announcers were shocked. Then he lobbed it up - while maintaining eye contact the whole time. "HE WON THE GAME! HE WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP! WITH A NO-LOOK-BEYOND-THE-ARC-FOUL-SHOT!!!"

Onto Omens....
I don't know that I believe in Omens or signs, but I woke up thinking that the dream was just so good, maybe good things were to come my way. And the fact that Pitt was playing WVU in the final Back Yard Brawl that night was not lost on me.

Then there's Babies...
Around two o'clock that afternoon, my cousin called to say her water broke. She was 16 days early. She was admitted to deliver. And maybe because she was early or maybe because some people just have rough deliveries - a long, long day began for her. My cousin adjusted to the admission, endured the heavy doses of pitocin, labored through epidural difficulties, and pushed for hours. She was amazing. To give you an idea of how much she endured and how strong she had to be - when they told the only option remaining was a c-section, she was ready. (and she faced that with the same incredible strength she had shown all day and night)
So I got to be there, at the hospital, when my perfect niece entered the world. All 7 pounds 5 ounces of her. And I was in a room full of family members at the moment my amazing cousin became a mother, I had a court-side seat to a truly holy moment. And for a lack of more poetic descriptions, my cousin managed to pull off the very difficult no-look-beyond-the-arc-game-winning-shot.

Which brings me back to Omens...
I'm not saying there was a connection between my good dream and a healthy baby girl. Okay, okay, maybe I tried a bit too hard to draw a parallel but so what. I love basketball and I love my family - it happens. (Plus, if I were actually good at predicting things, Pitt wouldn't have lost that night - but that's neither here nor there). All signs aside, I am saying that both my dream and the birth were very good things. And my niece is perfect - have I mentioned that yet?
She's absolutely perfect.

happy first week, darling girl
(sorry your aunt is crazy)

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