Friday, February 17, 2012

HAPPY WEEKEND! hope you remember love lost

well that sounds depressing for valentine's day week (I can't keep up).

I hear a lot of ANTI-VALENTINES DAY sentiments and they usually go as follows:

Complaint 1: Its just a commercialized holiday hallmark endorses to make boyfriends buy crap
to which I don't disagree. But aren't most holidays commercialized? Can't we just complain less and nicely say "i love you", then not buy crap?
Complaint 2: Its stupid to have a day for love when if you're in a good relationship, every day should be about love.
again, no disagreement about the sentiment but honestly? everyday? isn't it nice to have a reminder - to lay it on thick every once and a while. It's like resolutions on Jan 1st - good to eat healthy every month, nice to check in on that once a year.
Complaint 3: Its a holiday that makes single people feel bad.
to this I can sympathize. I'm sorry.

I loved my single years and wouldn't want to go back and change them. They were a nice cocktail of about four parts sweet and one part bitters... and sometimes I felt all of that at once.

Like some single people, I liked Valentines day because I got to say "I love yous" to a lot of great people in my life and I counted them as precious and expirational (as in, if I do fall in actual romantic love, this could be my last V-day on my own - I need to live it up).

Like all single people, I had been hurt by love.

In Adele's acceptance speech during the Grammy's this week, she hinted at why her album was such a success (aside from musical greatness) - because the subject was something we could all relate to - "a rubbish relationship"

So if the oozy sickly sweet love of this week has been something not everyone can connect with - I wanted to spend a little time with something all of us can nod our heads along to... love lost.

And If you're in the midst of heartache right now, here's some advice....
*Listen to other people's stories of  Break-Up because misery loves company
*Complain. Vent about the crazy exes to your friends, that's what they're there for because company loves to be made miserable
*Throw yourself an actual pity party
*Know that lots of other people (famous people) seemed happy but then lost love
*Allow a little mocking of smug couple people.
*Then know this down deep - things get better

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