Saturday, February 4, 2012

HAPPY WEEKEND! hope you oooh and awww

I'm on my way to a baby shower where I will get to see some friends I adore (and I don't often see)!

(this from almost three years ago, at Em's wedding shower,
and now there'll be one less of us drinking mimosas)

And I will get to look at little baby clothes and baby gifts...

(tiny versions of things are always cuter than the normal sized things)

And this weekend, I get to go the Pitt vs. Villanova game! My husband's co-worker has season tickets, and the co-worker's wife just had a baby - leaving us with his seats (for this, I love babies). And I really hope to see some great things like the following...

ooooh and awww and jump in a pile screaming.
Go Panthers!

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