Wednesday, February 29, 2012

50 in 50 by 50: #3 MARYLAND

Our honeymoon was 5 days and 4 nights in the great state of Maryland MARRIED-LAND!

We went camping in Deep Creek,

And galavanting in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

But of all the fun we had - the race (an afterthought, really) - ranked in our Top 5 for best things about our honeymoon. And it was a competitive list- with seafood dinner, smooching, saying 'my husband' publicly, and learning I like bloody mary's - all as strong contenders.

The 5K race, which took place on September 11th, was called "A Run to Remember". We started at the city's capitol building and lined up behind men and women in dress blues. We stood solemnly underneath a waving flag, hung from extended firemen's ladders.

I don't consider myself to be among the extremely patriotic, but standing shoulder to shoulder with people bearing names of lost loved ones, listening to the deep baritone of a Baltimore fireman sing our National Anthem, and then falling silent at the exact time the first tower was struck, brought me to tears.

We ran the 5K through the main streets of Baltimore, wrapping around the inner harbor, up residential hills, and finishing in Federal Hill Park. This was our first city race so running in the middle of a four lane road was a blast for me. It was also fun to run the race as a charity for the city's civil servants, because at all the barricades police officers were hooting and cheering and thanking us.

A cluster of cadets were about a quarter mile behind us the whole time. They ran in step, they chanted in rhythm, they angered my brain. They were way too loud to have close to me and there were way too many of them to let them pass us (and that would only aggravate me more), so they became my pacer. At a point when I thought, "this is too tough." - I was passed - on a hill - by a man in full fire fighter gear - with equipment. Sooo, I kept going.

The finish at Federal Hill Park was spacious enough that we could get away from the crowds and sit on the hillside, overlooking the city. We could sip our water, lay back in the cool grass, and enjoy the perfect morning.

At one point a police woman at a barricade was cheering for me based on my shirt,
"You GO New York! Looking Good!"
If we've learned anything from The Wire, Baltimore City Police speak the truth.

The Breakdown
date: 9/11/10
race: Run to Remember 5K
location: Baltimore, MD
charity: Baltimore City Police and Fire Dept
time: 34:00

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