Monday, February 27, 2012

50 in 50 by 50

When I started running (that's generous, I was walking/jogging/breathing heavy),  I decided to find as many ways as I could to take the rehabilitation and pain and make it fun. I was inspired by my friend, Caitlin, who had this great little plan: to run 50 races, one in each of the 50 states, before turning 50.
*side note: she has a great blog about it here.

My husband and I stole her idea entirely and we began ticking off our races in April of 2010. Our rule is, it has to be at least a 5K and it has to be a sanctioned race (as in, you register, it's timed, etc.). Since then we've completed 6 states and a handful of local runs. This 50/50/50 thing started as a plan but quickly became one of the best parts of all the vacations we've been on.

(this is our honeymoon)

Last week or so, we booked a weekend trip for two, and simultaneously registered for a race in our 7th state! In the wake of my excitement, I will proceed by boring captivating you all with series of recap posts from our other races...with a sprinkling of other running things here and there.

So prepare yourself for the moderately exciting - running week!

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