Monday, February 20, 2012

clever little tips

Right now I'm in a sort of mid-adulthood limbo. I'm beyond the 'open a bag of chips' college parties, and I'm not quite at the 'host an entire family feast' holiday parties. If friends are coming over, I throw a nice wedge of cheese at the occasion. If its Christmas, I'm trusted with 1.5 side dishes.

That leaves me with very little by way of advise for a Better Home and Garden or for Good Housekeeping. I've spent my fair share of time in doctors offices so I know enough to know my life doesn't look as "Real Simple" as the magazine implies.

(this is me, victorious, after a battle with homemade ravioli)

So when I saw this article of clever little tips, it blew my mind! I started thinking, 'is there a whole world of easy living out there that I know nothing about?'

The only hosting tip I seem to have picked up on is as follows (brace yourself, because I've been to parties and this is universal) - take food out of the containers they came in and put them onto containers you own.

Pretzels go into bowls, crackers get spread out onto plates, cheeses get put on a piece of wood, etc. Everything is supposed to look like it didn't come wrapped in plastic. Even oreos - put those suckers on a platter. If you're feeling frisky, alternate them with E.L.Fudges. Boom. You have yourself a classy party.

Beyond that, I can't help you. But feel free to help me. What do you know? Give me your secrets to being an adult.

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