Wednesday, February 15, 2012

vacation: the panic and the joy

It is officially official - the Orbins are going on vacation! We booked it, it's for real! And its just the two of us!

When I asked Neil "Have we ever had a trip for only us?" He look at me, sighed, and said "Yes. Our honeymoon." (its true, my dear, you are married to a woman with a defunct memory)

We started talking about this months ago, so there's been an extended time of pouring over which airline has the best flights with the best times of travel for my brain and the best week to go for the best price. Searching different cities in the hopes of a reasonable cost effective answer. Deciding NO we don't need to go anywhere... saving money is better. Then having Neil say YES, its okay if we have a trip for the point of having to say "I'll book the flight if it's too hard for you to physically pay for it."

So here is the list of pros and cons that got me to calm down about going to Providence, Rhode Island this May....

- I get time away with my husband.  We both have some stressors and its nice to take a time out to be together
- Providence is awesome. I have never seen the place but I have been reading some books on the puritans.  Of all the colonies, I think Rhode Island had it right. I can't freakin wait to see tributes to Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson. (not to mention the first ever Baptist Church, cause they believe in freedom of religion in those parts!)
- We can run a race. Its the weekend of the Cox Rhode Marathon (rather not, no) but we lucked out with a 5K the day before at the non-offensive time of 5pm in Roger Williams Park!
- The trip is to celebrate my "Didn't Die Day". This is the morbid holiday in which I reflect on not dying and feel gratitude for life. Last year I couldn't celebrate it because of other thing going on - so this year its a big deal (after all, what's the point of living if you don't really live)
- We can afford it because we budget well (ladies, marry an accountant if you can)

- It costs money

As you can see, the Pros have it - and now I will go celebrate - because the monies we pinched and saved are spent and Delta will not give them back, even if I ask nicely. So I cannot fret. I can only wonder which historical plaque I will go to first!

Do you get panic along with all the good things that come with vacation? 
Have you been to Providence? If yes, I care about eating, so can you tell me all about that please!

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  1. I do not panic about vacations, but I happen to be married to someone who is. Sometimes she worries about the costs, but for the most part she just worries about the destination. This is why, for the most part, I just pick some place and don't tell her about it until a couple weeks ahead of time. It's much less stressful for both of us.

    But I also wanted to say that I'm a fan of picking vacations to seemingly random places. The weekend when I proposed to Melissa we went to New Haven, Connecticut. For no apparent reason. (Other than so I could give her a ring, of course. But that had nothing to do with the destination.) Kudos.

    PS: That's one of my favorite days. Good reason to celebrate. :)