Tuesday, February 7, 2012

just a big dead horse

Do you ever feel like you're forgetting something really important? (all post concussive people nod emphatically)

Last night I had a dream that we owned a horse and it was my job to care for it.  Then, one day while sitting on the couch, I all of the sudden remembered all these things. So I rushed to the stable and found our dead horse. (really dead too, eyes staring at me, flies swarming, it was a scary site)

The image was so vivid and so upsetting and so unshakable I turned to Neil at 3:06 and said "hey, handsome... hey, wake up.... I just need to double check something, we don't, um, own a horse.... right?"

Then at 3:12 with the feeling of dropping the ball still heavy upon me, and sleep a long abandoned option, I had to go for one more try "and Neil... hey... we don't own anything else I can kill right? not like children or hamsters or things I can mistakenly abandon?"

**For those of you wondering, the answers are as follows: No, we don't own horses, children, or hamsters. Yes, we own things I can and do kill, so I apologize to all my houseplants. and Yes, my husband patiently answers me in the middle of the night when I ask (what feels to me) very rational questions. He also adds a kind, "if you had a bad dream then come over here" snuggle.  So lets all cross our fingers that I don't accidently forget to feed him, I like him a lot.


  1. I'm not sure how I'd handle coherent questions in the middle of the night. As you experienced in Deep Creek, my lovely and talented wife usually just wakes up screaming or mumbling nonsensically about forgetting something. When we were first married, these outbursts were almost enough to make me piddle in the bed. (Or, if I were not completely confused about the situation, try that whole snuggling comfort thing.) Nowadays I mostly roll over and put the pillow over my head. Cheers to you, Neil, for being more accomodating than I these days. :)

  2. PS: I often have dreams that I've forgotten to feed my ferret. (Who passed away some 15 years ago now, and yet in the dreams is somehow both still alive and suprisingly active for not having eaten in 15 years.) Oh dreams.