Thursday, February 23, 2012

why I run

I used to hate running. HATE it. I used to say, I'll only run if someone is chasing me and only then if they are wielding a sharp weapon, yet certainly not if they have a gun (who can out run bullets?). So yes, sufficed to say, I used to hate running.

this is not me, but it's how I think I look

Then a perfect storm of catalysts got me out there putting one foot in front of the other.
*My doctor strongly suggested increasing my cardio. My resting heart rate was oh so high (from all that adrenaline pumping pain) and my heart needed some strengthening to bring that rate down.
*I went for a "hike" up a small hill. My heart pounded, my head screamed, my dizziness overwhelmed and I knew it was time to work on better physical well being.
*My husband (then boyfriend) loved to run. He was also someone who loved to go outside with me. He was also, miraculously, someone who was in no hurry - letting me set the pace... a pace so slow he would sometimes walk while I "jogged" beside him huffing and puffing

So in a way very similar to the couch to 5K program (but slower and with more tears) I proceeded work my way towards running....eventually, making it one minute without stopping. Then I could do a mile - then a 5K - then a two years later, a half marathon.

I still hate running a little bit. Its always hard to motivate myself and my head always hurts. But there's a lot of good I've found in it too. Enough good to make me one of 'those people' who wear lycra zip ups, read Born to Run, eat cliff bars, and run races.

motivation tip: put on shoes and clothes and watch and then stand in the street. 
60% of the time it gets me running

Here's a short list of why I run, but I'd really love to hear your reasons too....

I run because I don't compete with anyone but myself, and even then it's no real race.

I run because even though it's not a competition, I keep getting better and running keeps getting easier, so it feels really good to constantly exceed my best.

I run because I can push my body even when my mind has had enough.

I run because it really has made progress in my healing and anything I can do to get better I cherish.

I run because I love to chat with my guy while we go through the neighborhood.

I run because there are other times I love to just be alone with my thoughts.

I run because there are those moments when I can find a groove, the pace is good, the path is nice, the air is fresh, my feet just peel off the ground - and there is absolutely no where else I'd rather be.

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