Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Favorite Color

Go Ahead and say goodbye to all cultural references to this color because there's only going to be ONE true Blue from now on...

I know I'm a few days late and totally on a bandwagon here but....


Why am I so excited over a 7 lb little being that I will never meet? Because this tiny nugget will inspire great music such as this....


  1. I knew something had to be coming about this. :) I've been totally following every shred of gossip too though!

  2. @ Lauren, um I think I'm off the deep end when it comes to the Carter family. A very nice person made the mistake of bringing it up to me... she said something about them being over the top at the birth and keeping a father from seeing his kids and I went disproportionally defensive - "well this father still got to see his kids he just had to go though some extra security and how can one dad who is concerned for his child's well being not understand another new father that is concerned as well - I mean people are crazy and trying to get photos at any cost. they were right to be careful - wouldn't YOU be careful with a newborn? well WOULDN"T YOU?" and then she got quiet and changed the subject. I'm cray to the izzay