Tuesday, January 10, 2012

...a little more

Yesterday I posted some articles that flirted with this fine city of Pittsburgh.

Somehow I can't bring myself to be done just yet. I think its because I'm a sports fan and Pittsburgh is currently in a valley. Granted we are a spoiled bunch, so our 'valley' is relative (apologies to Detroit)...

The Steelers' recent overtime loss to Denver in the wild-card round
The Panther's recent (coach-less) bowl game embarrassment
The Penguin's recent string of injuries, while on the cusp of falling below the play off line
And the true love of my life - Pitt Basketball - losing 4 in a row - the longest losing streak in ten years and more than that, people have begun questioning Jamie Dixon - this crushes me

So for all those people that take games and sports to heart - here are a few uplifting things....

Pittsburgh was voted as the 'in' city. And whatever that means, it seems to be a very good thing.

This Steelers hangover article is really good if you're still needing to lick the wounds of a Playoff loss

And when you've read enough articles, you can lean back, relax, and let Wiz take it away...

Pittsburgh Sports Fans - there's always The Pirates next year!

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