Monday, January 9, 2012

You Stay Classy

I love when people flirt with Pittsburgh.

In 2007, it was named "Most Livable" - a title it received because it had a number of mid range scores (none too high in art or culture yet none too low in crime or cost of living). I heard it called "a triumph in mediocrity" and yet many a billboard around our fair city boasted the most livable title pride (and I bragged a bit too)....

We claimed the crown for a number of years and after a brief ousting from Honolulu (that floozy) - we reclaimed the title in 2011.

Now more and more people are catching onto the great thing we've got going on here.

According to my extensive research (i.e. the articles my friends post to facebook), Pittsburgh happens to be better than Portland when it comes to hipsters and better than pretty much anywhere else when it comes to travel.

So take that west coast and take that world!

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  1. I have such a love affair with our city! :) I was driving into town a couple nights ago & realized it looks like a wrapped the whole city & the hills in twinkle lights. You can't get that from FLAT cities, or properly planned grids... the same things that make me crazy are what make it so lovely.