Friday, January 13, 2012

Snack Cake

Its no secret that Hostess (maker of the twinkie, the ho ho, and wonder bread)  has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

One of the reasons sited was that people 'move away from white bread to more whole grain bread.'

So if we're trending towards healthier choices, why are we - as a nation - heavier than ever before?

This commercial from the late 70s is pretty comical in it's definition of 'healthy'...

But I wonder if we'll feel the same way about Snackwells and the not so natural flavors of Yoplait thirty years from now.


When it comes to deciding what to eat, it's probably best to stick with things of nature - things one can pronounce (and about 80% of the time I do). But I"m going on a road trip today, which means a gas station stop, which means I'll be tempted to have one of those yellow dye snack cakes for nostalgia sake.

Along with some pizzeria pizza combos?

God help me.

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