Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Winning the Race

My friend Caitlin always says "slow and steady wins the race... except in an actual race."

After we ran the March Mad Dash 5 miler last weekend we went to dinner with Neil's family, and when we mentioned the race to his 5 year old brother he said "well, did you win?"

I laughed, thinking of the hundreds of people there, and said something very teacher lesson-y like "No, we didn't technically win but we tried hard and had fun. So in a way we all won." (or something lame like that)

Then I came home and checked our race results - only to discover that my husband did technically win! He placed first in his age group!! He killed it!

So if having a public blog with limited readership has any benefits - its to brag about your husband right? He's too humble to do it (that guy!) - so someone should.

He started the race in his old muddy shoes, the one with a hole in the bottom. He wore a Guns N Roses sweatshirt and he carried no gel packs. His only real "training" was with me - at my slooow pace.  So imagine my surprise, that this unassuming (and handsome) man went and won the race!

Well done Neil!  next time we'll stick around and let you claim your prize

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