Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Don't Quit

I found a letter my friend Kristen wrote to me years ago. She sent it with a care package to cheer me up (this is while I was living far from her). She's a wonderful friend

She explained that she found a gift and thought of me, but on the way home she dropped it. Because she wanted to keep with it's theme, she glued it back together and sent it to me anyway. She really is a wonderful friend.

I can't remember now what was happening that prompted Kristin to send this gift, and she doesn't say expressly in the letter. Maybe that's the upside of a poor memory, the bad things are wiped away too.

But I think the message is still so applicable today - and I wanted to share because I suspect some of you would like a visual reminder too.... it is only wednesday after all - and sometimes these days can be rough.

Kristin, thank you for your care packages and your super glue - they still work on me

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