Wednesday, March 28, 2012

electric love

This week is extra extra rough. (and it's only wednesday... and it's not even lunch)

This week I need to go to my reserves to get through - which means I rely heavily on my friends and family and a strategic milkshake.  

Did you ever have the kind of friend that you secretly, blushingly say "I can't believe they were duped into friendship with me. And they seem to be buying into my coolness. And they seem to really like me?!" Thats my beloved Rob. 

(and that's us aggressively robot-ing)

Even though we might play phone tag for a month - and even though the phone tag might be on purpose so we can make up songs on each others machines - once we connect, we'll talk for hours. And the line that threads from here to New York is as strong as it was six years ago when we were freshmen in college (sharing a pizza & hot sauce at midnight while we lament about boys). 

He hears what I'm saying implicitly, through all the things I ramble on about, and he instinctively knows what I need...

Then he sends me an email the next day with a link to the two words that are the most elusive to me - the two bastardly words that I didn't verbalize but he knows I just can't seem to get a grip on...  

and damn you Rob - for not only knowing what I long for, but for also knowing that it should look pretty...

maybe this week is kicking your butt too and so I thought I'd lend you the goodness of my dear friend Rob - 

wait. hope. 

isn't it beautiful and horrible and just about perfect?

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