Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I'm sure a large percentage of you readers are following the CBI tournament quite closely.

For the benefit of the few people without vested interest in the semifinal round, I'll let you know about something rather kinda almost hardly exciting:

Tonight at 8pm eastern standard time, the University of Pittsburgh Panthers play the Butler Bulldogs in what's sure to be a raucous rematch!

A year ago Pitt was a 1 seed in the NCAA tournament, poised to win it all (at least that's what I believed whole heartedly) and Butler was the 8 seed that somehow cheated won in the second round.

here's a picture of former player, Matt Howard, looking like an idiot and a hobbit
(because I'm a mean person and a sore loser)

It still hurts too much to describe what happened in the final minutes of that game so I'll post a youtube video that breaks things down. (or a video of what I believe to be the final minutes - I still can't bring myself to watch it either)

Now our paths cross again, under less prestigious circumstances. Here is a decent article about the pros and cons of Pitt even playing in the CBI. Personally, I'm all for it - I hope we take it way too seriously, like the guy that wears a mouth guard to a pick-up game of flag football.

I'm not sure if it will mean all that much to anyone outside of the world of Pitt fandom if the Panthers win or lose tonight. Butler will probably flop around to draw fouls (yes, I said it.) and shrug at the outcome because they had a much much better hand last year. Pitt fans, myself included, will probably feel this is way to rid ourselves of some ghosts and put more stock into the result than what's really there (it is the CBI - I'm aware. I'm aware)

At least for this girl, it's as exciting as I could hope for it to be - an untelevised rematch in a buy-in tournament with the bulldogs that took us down last year! I'll take it!

Let's just cross our fingers that its not an exact repeat, and I don't end the night re-playing 'what-if's' in bed while crying. GO PANTHERS!


  1. Wow. OT and a transistor radio. That's about as close as one can get to the agony of what it must have been like to listen to crackly World War II reporting from Europe in the 40s.

    1. haha! and someday, we'll tell the next generation "I remember a time before the computer chip implant, when I had to watch the refresh button on like a poor person."