Monday, March 12, 2012

Tiny Desks

Today is a day I feel sunny and hopeful about springing forward...

yet also very very exhausted (maybe the afternoon downpour punctuated my mood)

Despite the birdsong outside, I have the urge to pull up an afghan, sip some earl grey, nibble ginger snaps, and listen to good music.

Maybe you'll want to join me on that last part. I got addicted to NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts a while ago and on days like today I could blow through four or five of them. I recommend Iron & Wine, Esperanza Spalding, Civil Wars, and Lost in the Trees

oh, and how could I forget the Decemberists
Colin Meloy, you make multitasking look easy

Today at the tiny desks they posted a concert by a group called Real Estate - I had never heard of them till this afternoon, but they were just the kind of the thing I needed (NPR always knows what's best for me). Enjoy!

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