Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Regular Ebenezer

Don't get me wrong, I am excited for spring but I'm not as weather dependent as everyone else seems to be. I suspect its due to the fact that I feel pretty terrible in every season - so when the cold lifts and the warm front comes in, I'm still in pain.

In fact sometimes I swing in the opposite direction of the populous, their sunny disposition and need to 'get out and enjoy the day', makes me long for storm clouds (at least then I can feel justified for staying in and reading a bit).

Because I'm quite tired these days, my defiance to the new season is small, but shows here and there...

I'm sorry dainty pastels, 
I can't hear you over my navy blue nail polish

and despite the heat wave it creates in our kitchen,
I can't ever resist a hearty soup

the great outdoors? maybe later. 
I'm just as content curled up on the sofa with a blanket
(with an awesome dog that I get watch again at the end of the month)

oh, yes, and hot tea. I will drink hot tea all year round.
Lately I've been making my own combinations - ginger with raspberry,
cinnamon with peach, peppermint with vanilla
(I'm just crazy like that)

Please understand, I'm not saying I hate the spring. I actually find it very refreshing at times. I just like to keep my patterns of hibernation. Thankfully, I live in Pittsburgh, where the weather is fickle and I have an assurance of some dark, 30 degree days ahead of me.

If no one else, Pittsburgh gets me.


  1. My parents live in Scottsdale AZ. While it's a beautiful place to visit now and then, I could never live in a place that is sunny and 100+ degrees from April to October, without ever so much as a cloudy day. My mother likes it there but misses the midwest seasons.

    Spring is great because of its drizzly days just as much as the sunny ones.

    1. I couldn't agree more. Maybe its growing up the all gray days, but I know I'd be forlorn without it (as counter intuitive as that seems)