Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Los Ridiculous

come on NBA, what's going on here amigos?

I was going to let it slide when you pulled this with the Heat (They're in Miami, maybe they love Spanglish there. I don't know, but I was only mildly confused).

Then I've seen it cropping up more and more, and last night was the pinnacle of my disappointed head shake: "Los Bulls" played "Nueva York Knicks"

It was Spanish Heritage Night - and they celebrated by... bastardizing the language.
For those of you that don't habla espanol, you probably still remember the great Chris Farley. Somehow, I don't think the NBA is going for the exact same joke.

I vote they either go all out with true spanish - trust me, Americans can handle it. We'll still be able to identify Derek Rose, even if we don't automatically know that "toros" means bulls. (In fact maybe we'll learn something!)

Or I vote they stop el shenanigans. Gracias.

(if any of you readers were celebrating Spanish Heritage Night and want to weigh in, your opinion is desired)


  1. This made me think of two things:

    1) EL NINO! That's Spanish for.... THE NINO!!!

    and (sadly):

    2) Brrrrr! It's cold in here, I said there must be some Toros in the atmosphere!

    The former being from the great Farley, of course, and the latter being from the award winning film, "Make it Or Break It." I take full responsibilty for one and blame my wife for the other.

  2. I can kind of understand what they're doing here. From a branding perspective their name is "Bulls" & that should never ever ever alter. But you're right, I don't think they should walk the middle. It's kind of nice that the NBA started this with "Los Suns" when they enacted those crazy new immigration laws in AZ, and for THAT kind of a statement I'm willing to let it slide.

  3. Love the "Nuevo York" jersey, too.

    Also, in Spanish Jazz is Jazz. So, in a way, they are Spanish-friendly.

    Plus, there would be some stupid ones like Los Oso Pardos for Grizzlies. Some awesome ones like Maderalobos for Timberwolves. And some confusing ones like Los Marcapasos, which I believe means the Pacemakers.

  4. Lauren, I think you're completely right - it sounds like originally it had a purpose (and I love a good "damn the man") but the later ones are much more gimmicky - as always, you're the voice of reason friend.

    Tom thank you so much for those, clearly my spanish is lacking because I was amazed! maybe the DO need to change all the names so I can be enlightened!

    Tim, I won't tell anyone that your favorite genre of movies is 'teen cheer squad/inspirational/love story'